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byKelly Bejelly

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Today, we’re going to get a little bit serious and talk about your career. Some of you reading this will have no idea what you want out of your working life, and it can be hard to find your place. I think that the best way to approach your career is by thinking about things you’re passionate about. So, for all the health enthusiasts out there – and I know that most of you fall into this bracket – then here are a few careers you may want to consider:


Plenty of you will take extra care in what you eat. You’re continually tracking your macros and making sure that your body is well fuelled and in the prime position to burn fat and build lean muscle. For any nutrition freaks out there, then your career path is obvious; become a nutritionist. There are loads of online courses you can take to gain specific qualifications, and this line of work is perfect if you enjoy helping others. You will tailor meal plans for specific people, and your whole aim is to make everyone healthier by getting their diet in check and ensuring they eat foods that are good for them.


If you’re interested in body and health, then nursing is a great career option for you. Here, you’ll learn all about the human body and how it reacts to certain diseases, and so on. Nurses do a lot of work, more than most people are aware of. Essentially, you do everything that doctors are too busy to do! This includes giving injections, taking blood tests, checking on patients, and so on. Starting a career in nursing begins by becoming a registered nurse. From here, you can find an RN to BSN online course and get a graduate degree in nursing. This allows you to apply for more jobs and take on more responsibilities. There are also loads of nursing subdivisions, like mental health nurses, nurses for children, and so on.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has long been associated with health – there are clear links between regular yoga practice and improved health. Stretching the body and keeping yourself more mobile is the key to preventing inflammation and tension. Many of you have probably practiced yoga before, and you’ve seen the benefits it can bring. So, if this is your type of thing, then why don’t you consider a career in yoga? Become a teacher today, and you can start taking your own classes and encouraging people to be more active and healthy. So many people claim their physical health problems disappear after regular yoga. Physical therapists swear by it as both a rehab and prehab technique for sports stars and athletes. Plus, it’s a fun job to have, and you don’t need to study too hard to become qualified.

Let your passion for health guide you down the right career path. These three ideas are just that; ideas! You might not like the sound of any of them, but I hope some of you read this and get some inspiration. Who knows, this could be the moment you realized your dream career!

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