5 Health Trends to Be Aware of in 2019

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The new year is always a time to reflect on the past and look toward improving ourselves for the future. Working on getting healthy is the number one resolution that people make coming into a new year. Take a look at some of the top health trends that will be surfacing in 2019 and use these tools to improve your well-being for the year ahead.


We are all already familiar with the FitBit and other wearable technology that tracks our steps, monitors our heart rate, and monitors our sleeping habits. The difference in 2019 will be that wearable tech for health purposes will get an attractive makeover. Devices like the Bellabeat leaf will replace clunky running watches. This shows a shift in the way we are looking at technology as well. Coolsculpting in Scottsdale or anywhere it’s offered can also help you reduce love handles naturally. As tech keeps us constantly connected, our stress levels go through the roof and our general well-being suffers. The health-related technology of the future will be streamlined and keep us in the moment instead of constantly sending us alerts and notifications that distract us from being fully present.


With the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes across much of the United States and all of Canada, the popularity of CBD has grown and may just be the most discussed health trend of 2019. Cannabidiol (CBD) edibles are becoming hugely popular and have many uses that are said to improve health and wellness. Some of these benefits are that CBD decreases anxiety, helps lower inflammation, and can relieve chronic pain. According to the buzz surrounding CBD, we will start seeing it on menus when we go out to eat, as well as in health and beauty products.

Plant-based Fish

We all saw the rise of plant-based meats as a healthier substitute during the past few years. Meat-free alternatives such as the Beyond Burger are now sold in chain restaurants everywhere, giving a healthier vegan alternative to a fatty and greasy beef patty. However, in 2019, companies will take this trend a step further and introduce plant-based fish products to menus everywhere. Not only is this great for our bodies but also helps with ocean conservation.

Genetic-Based Skincare

Inclusion has been a big theme in beauty, health, and wellness recently. Realizing that each of our bodies is unique and catering to those particular needs has been important across these industries in providing a product that really works, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach that companies have tried in the past. One thing we will definitely see in 2019 is the increased understanding of genetic-based skincare, where skincare lines will use technology to analyze each person’s DNA and medical history to provide the perfect solution for anti-aging skincare. This personalized approach will not only give a better overall product, but help us better understand the science behind our predispositions to certain skin conditions, like acne.

Oat Milk

Almond and coconut milk are so yesterday. Oat milk is now all the rage when it comes to non-dairy milk alternatives. It is high in protein and low in fat, and is also a great choice for anyone that may be allergic to types of nuts that vegan milk alternatives are usually created from. It is also higher in fiber than other milk substitutes, making it one of the healthiest vegan milks available. You’ll start seeing oat milk popping up as an option in your local cafes in 2019, undoubtedly.  

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