Give Your Pet the Give of Love With These Top Subscription Boxes

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Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and with the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to give your pet a gift that just keeps giving — i.e., one of these top-rated pet item subscription boxes. Check out some of the most popular companies in the pet care subscription box business:


BarkBox has long been considered the leader when it comes to pet subscription boxes. Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, and vessels move goods over the transportation network, and the e-commerce and online shopping rush that comes with the holiday season has prompted countless digital retailers to push the promotions. Fortunately, BarkBox frequently has promotions, especially for first-time subscribers. In fact, they’ve recently started rolling out a variety of themes for those who need a plan that truly matches their pup’s personality:

“BarkBox has fun themed boxes. Previous themes include The Knights of the Round Table, Chewrassic Bark, The Good The Bad And The Pugly, Throwback Thursday and more. Each box includes two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew centered around a theme. And if your pup doesn’t love an item, they’ll send a free replacement,” writes Sally Jones on Canine Journal.

From dog treats to chew toys, grooming products, and more, BarkBox is the perfect all-in-one plan for your furry friend’s health and entertainment needs. One final word of caution: like many other subscription plans, BarkBox does renew automatically, so if you want to cancel your plan, you’ll have to do so manually.

Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet is a fairly new retailer in the subscription pet box business. As with BarkBox, they have what they call a “Paw For Paw Guarantee” that enables you to get a replacement item for anything your pet doesn’t like. While buyers say these boxes are a bit more costly, it seems as though the quality and range of items is well worth it. However, be aware that Surprise My Pet’s boxes consist solely of toys and treats — you won’t find any grooming products or other fillers. This may be ideal for those who want to engage in more playtime and activities along with their pet. After all, movement gets the brain going. In any case, your pet is sure to love the contents of these one-of-a-kind packages.

Once again, you’ll have to cancel your plan manually, and unfortunately, this company has no phone customer support. They also don’t offer a multi-pet discount for those with multiple pups.

Pet Treater

Finally, if you’re truly after an all-in-one subscription plan that includes treats, toys, grooming products, accessories, and even ‘doggie bags,’ Pet Treater may be the solution. You can select one of three different sized boxes the company offers based on your dog’s weight. And unlike other providers, you can notify the company of any allergies your dog has, ensuring they won’t end up with any items they’ll be unable to enjoy. Buyers also say the company has an easy-to-use website with a thorough FAQ.

Ultimately, consumers are exposed to an average of 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, making it hard to determine which e-commerce businesses stand above others. But in the case of these pet subscription boxes, it seems as though you won’t go wrong choosing any one of them. If you’re still uncertain, don’t hesitate to look at more reviews online.

Have you ever ordered a subscription box for your furry friend? Were you satisfied with the pricing and variety of items?

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