What Does Developing Human Resources Involve?

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Most people would agree that there is nothing quite as important to a business as human resources are, and consequently the development of human resources is also imperative if your business is to progress. But, what does this entail? Read on to discover all you need to know.

HR development involves the use of organizational, training and career development efforts for the purpose of improving organizational, group and individual effectiveness. Leonard Nadler coined the term ‘human resource development’ in 1970, citing it as the creating and realizing an organization’s goals, values, vision and mission through the energies and talents of people, i.e. human resources.

So, what does the development of HR entail? It covers a wide range of approaches that bring about desired changes in employee behaviour, including offering performance counselling and interviews from superiors, performance appraisals so employees can understand their capabilities and where improvements can be made, as well as the effective recruitment and selection of employees, which is a key part of leadership development.

Other approaches used for human resource development include job enrichment, job rotation, learning through empowerment and group dynamics, succession planning, development programs and career planning for employees. Nowadays, training has become a pivotal part of HR development thanks to the existence of online training options, including everything from accounting degrees to taking an online mental health counseling degree. Through giving employees the opportunity to progress and improve in relative areas, not only will you increase job satisfaction and hold on to your best talent, but also your organization will benefit too from greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Setting HR Development Goals

Setting goals for HR development is not always easy, which is why this is often an imperative part of professional business coaching and leadership development services. Someone with experience in this area can help you to devise effective strategies and implement them successfully to ensure success. Development goals ensure the dynamism between management and employees is improved, and it gives your employees a clear focus, which will help them to communicate more efficiently and work more effectively.

You will need to review existing goals, and it is always a good idea to make a list of all positions in your company and define how they help the business to move ahead. This is a good starting point, and it helps employees to see the bigger picture of success when you link both company and individual goals. You’ll need to communicate with employees, and you’ll need to help them set achievable goals and give them to tools to achieve them. You’ll need to have an effective measurement procedure in place and ensure that goals are challenging yet attainable. Setting impossible goals can have a hugely detrimental impact on confidence, productivity levels and overall quality.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding how to develop your human resources department as well as the different goals you can put in place.

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