5 tips to preventing teenage prescription drug abuse

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Teenage prescription drug abuse is a serious problem, affecting communities all across the United States. For a parent, it can be devastating to know your teenager is addicted to prescription drugs.  Luckily, this is a problem that parents and guardians can deal with by taking deliberate measures, aimed at keeping your teenager safe from prescription drugs. If you are a parent fearful of this problem, here are 5 tips to preventing teenage prescription drug abuse.

1.    Have them seek alternative treatment

While teenagers can deliberately abuse prescription drugs, sometimes this addiction starts as an innocent pursuit of treatment. For instance, prescription painkillers are among the most abused drugs by teenagers.  This is common in teenagers suffering from chronic pain, who overuse painkillers and ultimately end up addicted. To protect your teenager from the risk of addiction, keep them off prescription drugs even when they are dealing with chronic pain. There are other alternatives that can help your teenager avert this problem.

2.    Explain to your teenager the risks of prescription drugs  

Sometimes a teenager can abuse prescription drugs out of choice. Actually, most teenagers abusing prescription drugs do so out of choice.  To avoid such a scenario, have an adult talk with your teenager. Let them understand the risks of prescription drugs, including risks like liver failure.   This talk could keep them away from prescription drugs and help them grow up into healthy young adults.

3.    Keep prescription drugs locked away

Can a teenager acquire prescription drugs on their own? Sure they can! But don’t make it easy for them. For a start, don’t keep any prescription drugs in your home. Alternatively, if you need to have them, lock them away in a safe place where your teenagers can’t access them. You will be surprised that this can go a long way in preventing your teen from abusing prescription drugs. Sometimes, people abuse drugs simply because they can access them easily. When the process of access is tough, the urge declines too.

4.    Help your teen explore their passion

Part of the reason why teenagers engage in vices is due to too much energy. Teenage is a stage when someone has too much energy, and too much free time. This leads to idleness and the urge to try out new things, including negative ones.  To keep your teenager safe from these vices, help them explore their passion. Once they find something that they love, help them pursue it. They will be so busy with it that drug abuse will be the last thing on their minds.

5.    Keep tabs on the company they keep

When it comes to drug abuse, whether prescription drugs or hard drugs, it all starts with the social circle. As such, you need to keep tabs on the friends your teenager is keeping. Doing this is easy. Have your teenager bring home their friends. As an adult, a simple conversation with those kids should give you an idea on the type of people they are. If you feel like they could be a bad influence on your teenager, find a way to disengage them.

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