Places to Visit in the Swiss Alps

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A beautiful life would be us sitting in a valley near the Swiss Alps sipping on hot cocoa as days pass us by. While, living in Switzerland might be a far-away dream for a lot of us, vacationing there has become easier over the years. If you want to rent out one of the chalets in Switzerland and enjoy some wonderful hiking across the beautiful Alps, the solutions are right on your fingertips.
However, Alps is a vast mountain range, and navigating through all that area in a single vacation is a daunting task. So, here are the absolute must visit places in the Swiss Alps that you can’t miss on your trip there.

1. Matterhorn, Zermatt
Over 4000 feet, the Matterhorn has attracted mountaineers all across the world for years. It looks perfect, with an icy pyramidal peak and green valleys all around it, the sight is breathtaking. You can plan a hike here which would challenge your climbing skills to the absolute limit, and test your endurance.
However, for the people who’re looking for something easier. Zermatt is also the highest cable car station in all of Alps, and take visitors around the nearby mountains.
If scenery and looks are how you like your mountains, this should rank high on your list.
2. Jungfrau Region
One of the quieter places in the Swiss Alps. The Jungfrau region offers you a chance to see and attempt three peaks. Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger. The site is also home to the quaint little town of Interlaken. The panoramic views of the Snowy alps on the green background of the valley is a sight to behold.
Like most tourist attractions in the Alps, Interlaken offers you a great chance to visit nearby mountains and see the highlights of the region. Quietly dine on the local cuisine in the town, and go out for exploration in the mornings.
If you so wish, you might even take arranged trips to the best places nearby.
3. Swiss National Park
The only national park in Switzerland is one of the most magnificent sights you will get to see. It sprawls across the massive area of 172 Square Kilometres and is filled to the brim with astonishing greenery. Don’t forget to look out for the snowy Alps in the background as you go through jungle hikes that can last for a long time.
Check out the variety of plants and keep out an eye for the rare golden eagles and marmots and make this place their home.
You can also request the park for guided tours if you want a better chance at finding the animals on your visit.
4. Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva has for long aroused the attention of the tourists. The large water basin is surrounded by quaint townships and the Alpine mountains. If you’re looking for a hiking trail, you can go to the Jura Mountains or the Vaud Alps.
But, the mind does crave rest from time to time, and here, Geneva will be your friend. The nexus of the city lies in multiculturalism, with a wide variety of places to enjoy yourself and let your hair down. The city also houses the United Nations and is often filled with dignitaries from all around the world on a visit.
Pro Tip: Do not forget to sample the wine for the wineries around Lake Geneva. Canton Vaud’s wineries are some of the most famous in the world.
5. Lugano
Lugano is as Italian as it gets and it has some of the best sceneries in town. You can catch public transport to the two most visited tourist sites of Monte Bre and Monte San Salvatore, and enjoy the beautiful views. Lugano is well-connected, and you can enjoy freshly baked pizza at night after spending the morning exploring the nearby summits without any worries.
Pro Tip: Try out the fresh gelato here, it can give any professional restaurant a run for its money,
6. Bern
The capital of Switzerland also borders the Alps and is a wonderful place to visit. A quaint little medieval town in spirit, it’s hard to understand its charm from outside. However, once, you’re inside Bern, its attractions take you over. Filled up to the brim with beautiful architecture and wonderful photo opportunities, the city with brick cobblestones as its veins is one of the most brilliant places you could visit.
Go around the city center for a Photowalk, or catch dinner at the many restaurants, and Bern would not disappoint you.
7. Lucerne
Hidden in the heart of Swiss Alps is the historical town of Lucerne. With ancient churches and wooden bridges spread throughout the town, you’ll have beautiful places to visit all day. If a more natural setting is your choice, the city offers many tours to nearby peaks.
Don’t miss out on the beautiful fortified towers throughout the town as you go around, since, this is a tourist attraction that has been charming guests for decades.

If you don’t have an adventurer’s heart, the Swiss Alps might seem like something you’d like to keep in postcards only. However, Switzerland offers something for everyone. Whether it’s quaint valley town or cosmopolitan cities, the Swiss will give you one of the best vacations in your life. Now, all you have to do is get on with the journey.

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