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byKelly Bejelly

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There’s been a loose rooster wandering the streets of Indiana for months now. Authorities and civilians alike have failed to apprehend the rogue rooster for over four months. New Albany, Indiana is one of the 19,000 U.S. cities with a population of fewer than 100,000 people. Among them, there’s been one noisy rooster on the loose and no one has been able to catch him.

Named Slick, the rooster’s origins are unclear. All the citizens of New Albany knew was that they wanted to get him off the streets, and Slick wasn’t having it. Finally, after all this time, the community banded together and captured the vagabond.

“He was very hard to catch. We were very happy when we finally caught him. People talked to us, saying they had groups of people running around the neighborhood with blankets, jumping over fences trying to catch him. He’s just a wily little chicken,” said senior animal control officer Carrie Moser.

Apart from wanting to keep Slick safe from harm, roosters can be notoriously obnoxious. Especially in the wee hours of the morning when they unabashedly crow at disturbing volumes. This doesn’t bother some people at all, though, and social media would prove that swiftly.

“Slick the rooster needs a home. This speedy rooster has been giving everyone in his neighborhood the slip for months and laughing at them every morning with his crowing. We finally caught up to the wary fellow and brought him into the shelter. Unless someone is really willing to work with him, he needs a home where he can be free to live his own way…” the Facebook post read.

As soon as Slick was off the streets, he was adopted almost immediately. One family saw the social media post, promptly contacted the animal control shelter, and offered to adopt him. Mona Willis keeps chickens and her previous rooster was tragically eaten by a hawk, so she was rooster-less. She even claimed to miss the sound of waking up to a rooster crowing every morning. Now she has Slick. And Slick has a lovely new home with a spacious area to roam undisturbed with four hens to keep him company.

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