From New Hotels To Fairytale Estates: 3 Reasons To Get Married In Charming Charleston

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Weddings are inherently magical because they manage to capture the overpowering feeling of love in a single event. Whether you’re getting married in a towering cathedral or a tiny courthouse, that love is always present. However, that doesn’t mean couples the world over don’t try to imbue their Big Day with beauty of all kinds — after all, love and beauty have always been great companions!

Charleston, South Carolina, is a favored spot for just that. The city acts as a time capsule, stretching all the way back to before the birth of our nation over 300 years ago, yet also boasts lush plantations that can be walked for hours. The fairytale atmosphere encourages soon-to-be-wedded couples to truly abandon themselves to their happiness; in short, Charleston is an absolutely perfect spot to declare your eternal love for another. Here are three (more specific) reasons you should tie the knot in Chucktown.

Dreamlike Aesthetic

Thanks to an average daily temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, all manner of plant life is able to bloom and grow; no matter where you are in the city, you’ll be surrounded by whispering willows, heavenly honeysuckle, and ambrosial azaleas. As a result of this abundant floral display, it’s no surprise that so many of the estates, plantations, and hotels are simply bursting with colorful floral arrangements. Best of all, the weather is so mild that you’re free to schedule your wedding at any time during the year; last year’s most popular date was October 7, but you’re not restricted by intense seasonal changes. Add in the cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages, and you’ve got a romantic destination that feels like it was pulled directly from your dreams.

A Bounty Of Beautiful Venues

It is precisely this aesthetic that encouraged so many businesses and museums to open their doors to the public and offer their space as venues. There is something for every type of bride- and groom-to-be: the Gibbes Museum of Art offers a setting rich with history and elegance for those discerning art lovers, Magnolia Plantations and Gardens boasts 500 acres of intimate garden walkways and views of the Ashley River, and the brand new Hotel Bennett promises to be an opulent venue utterly shining with class and luxury; in fact, its construction was over 20 years in the making, and was only just completed in January 2019.

Getaways To Remember

After you’ve spent the whole day dancing in lavish ballrooms and wandering through secret gardens, it’s time to make a grand exit. Ending a wedding can be quite hard to do, especially if there are guests that simply aren’t ready to give up the dance floor. Rather than make quiet (and constant) small talk with every single one of your guests — which can be quite the feat considering the average wedding sees 136 invitees — leave in style. Charleston is so bursting with history and charm that there are a variety of transportation options: hire a classic trolley, hop into a vintage car (complete with ‘Just Married’ painted on the back window), or find a horse-drawn carriage and embrace your inner Cinderella.

Your wedding day is going to live in your memories forever as the happiest day of your life; you owe it to yourself to celebrate your union in the most beautiful city in America. Charming Charleston is waiting for you.

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