Lack of Respect in a Relationship: Why Does It Destroy Everything?

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People talk a lot about mutual respect when it’s about a perfect or, at least, tolerable marriage with wives, but nobody has explained the essence of these words. “You should just respect each other,” family psychologists or close friends tell you. However, how can you start respecting each other if you cannot figure out your actions which can be called disrespect?


Living together gives rise to many conflicts of interests at the household, financial, and even psychological levels. In fact, you cannot even imagine what sides of your personality will annoy your partner, and what of their habits will irritate you. People do not pay attention to details and little things, but in fact, it is they that our existence consists of, and the family routine takes up the vast majority of your time. You should know this before you take a decision of living together. Almost every couple in love can go through thick and thin, but not everyone can go through ordinary life and remain faithful to each other. The reason lies in human selfishness, which adds plus twenty points to self-confidence. But if we are talking about living together, then selfishness can do terrible things with your feelings, tearing them to shreds. An imbalance in favor of one of the sides can turn into a disaster. At the same time, the full absence of selfishness in relationships is almost as catastrophic as its excessive presence. Therefore, you should do your best to create perfect conditions for balancing and taking them as the norm. Where should you start? You can try to start with the awareness of what means a disrespectful attitude in your case.

Daily Graft

Despite its earthiness, this is the most common apple of discord. Therefore, it is about endless compromises. Just understand that you lived in one family with special rules and regulations, and your partner lived in another one, where everything was different. For example, you used to hang a trash bag on the door handle, and they used to store it at the door. You are used to washing mugs after each drinking tea, and they are used to gathering all the mugs before washing. In general, these differences are insignificant, but they can serve as a reason for quarrels. Since you are reading this article, you must take the first step toward changes. It would be weird to live in your own apartment according to the rules of another person, even the closest one, but it is you who will have to find solutions with which both parties will agree. Do not rebuild your life for a partner, but you should let them feel at home like you do. Respect in everyday life is the first step in the development of Homo sapiens.

Work and Money

Just as you do not want to depend financially on a partner, they also don’t want to be a freeloader. However, it is unlikely you will earn exactly the same amount of money. There will be a gap that can significantly affect the relationship. Of course, not only money influences feelings but also the specificity of the work itself. You cannot be a manager who makes next to nothing and, at the same time, tries to scoff at a partner who works as a waitress but receives six times more. Any work is important if it brings money or some benefit. Many people look down on the work of their partners, and then they expect warm feelings from them. Work is always about time that cannot be replenished. A partner can often reflect on this topic, doubting, “Did I choose the right job?” “Am I wasting my life?” And when you openly laugh at their job, you just plant a time bomb.

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