Working Towards Your Culinary Degree: Preparing And Getting Through

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According to studies, the food service industry is largest in terms of retail employment all across the world. Data suggests, this industry is an ever-growing one and the only factor which affects it negatively is the dwindling purchasing power of people. If that does not fall, it is always feasible to join this industry as a professional or invest in an outlet. For one reason, people gotta have food and if you can give them a better taste, they will come to you.

There have been an increasing number of people opting to go for culinary arts even though it is not easy; it requires a lot of patience and skill to make it big in this industry. To be selected as a professional, people choose to work towards a degree. If you pride yourself on the skill of cooking, you will still need some sort of professional education to be taken seriously. A culinary arts degree does not only give you an advantage when it comes to working as a chef, but also opens up different opportunities on the basis of that degree; we will talk about that later.

Preparing for culinary school can be tough as you have to first seek work in a local kitchen to understand the basic dynamics of what the job entails. You will soon realize that you must have a degree to fulfill your dream of becoming the head-chef in a top-notch restaurant or even having your own brand. It will get tough when you decide to enter a culinary school because the best of those are expensive, you will have to save up if you want to get into one.

There are four degrees that you can pursue in culinary arts; diploma, associate, bachelors, and masters. Most people go for diploma as it teaches you a lot in less than a year. But, if you have a longer career path in mind, you should go for higher degrees. These degrees not only teach you how to cook but also teach you about different cuisines in the world and how to create a menu. It isn’t only going to a kitchen and making a new meal every day, you will have to have superb organizational and management skills in order to make it big in this industry.

You need to understand that basic mathematical skills will also be required in this line of work; purchasers have to buy a whole lot of stuff for restaurants so this skill comes in handy at the time. When you get into a culinary arts institute, there will be weekly or monthly assignments that you will have to complete in order to get the credits you want; like most students, you can get it done with the help of online tools like –

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If you are going for course higher than diploma, it will take you three to seven years to get it completed and earn a degree. That is plenty of time given for studies in anyone’s life. A higher degree is always given more importance by restaurateurs and hoteliers; it certainly helps them establish the chef’s credentials. Mind you, if you are working in a place that seems posh and elegance; they would want to hire someone who has a degree rather than someone who works in a street restaurant or is a sit-at-home cook. Eventually, you will have to work your mind as well as your hands to become a chef worth its name.

You do not get paid so much when you graduate; so, be prepared for some tough times before you finally make it big. Recent graduates make as low as $7 an hour until they prove themselves and find a good enough opportunity that gets them the salary they expected pursuing the course. If you are unlucky, you will have to use up a part of your savings in the starting. Working in a kitchen can take its toll; there are days when you might have to stand for 10-12 hours straight for work. In such cases, people do look for some easy money. If you are adept at writing essays or were a good student in school; you can take up writing papers and essays for school students and earn money for that. There are websites available that give you these opportunities such as EssayWriter4u and PaperDoers.

Other Options

There are tons of other options if you have decided that becoming a chef isn’t for you. If you have a degree in culinary arts, it can open up new opportunities for you to grasp. Here are a few options if you think that treading on the path of becoming a chef is not for you:

  1. Writing about food- You can very well start a blog and write about all the recipes people can try at home. You can exploit the knowledge you gained while working and studying to build a blog and make money off it. There are many people who went down this way and are doing well in life now.
  1. Catering- You can start a catering service based on the skill you have required. You already know how easy it would be for you if you have the required knowledge. All you need is an initial investment and cooks to follow your directions. Though, you will need to use those organizational and management skills to succeed here.
  1. Event Management- Events isn’t only about lighting and seating; people want to have good food while there. This kind of management requires a lot of skill to execute such kind of event successfully. There should be an amount of food that feeds everyone who is coming to the event; that requires practical know-how and organizational skills.
  1. Food Critic- You will find many magazines and media outlets dedicated to food and drinks. You can go ahead and explore new places to eat; after that, you can critique each place’s food and then write it in detail. You can publish those writings on social media. This will create a following of people on your page and people will flock to read whenever they want to visit a new place to eat.  You will find many culinary arts students on student-connecting platforms like ThanksForTheHelp looking to share their ideas and stories. Maybe you can take a leaf from there and get inspired.
  1. Purchasing and Sourcing- Selecting the best supplies for a restaurant is a pretty difficult task. You need to understand that if the materials used in making the food are not good, it will have an affect on the taste and will eventually hurt the restaurant’s reputation. This is a serious task where you have to use your bright senses of touch, see, and smell to determine whether the product you are buying is good enough. You will also have to choose a place from where the materials should be sourced each time new supplies are wanted.

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