4 Things to know about senior home care

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When our loved ones advance in age, they end up requiring a lot more attention and assistance in day to day tasks such as eating meals and getting dressed. It is, therefore, the duty of the family members to ensure that they receive this type of help and care. There are a couple of options for this, for instance, taking them to a nursing home. Alternatively, you may consider the option of senior home care. Below is useful information that sheds more light on the same.

1.    There are different types of caregivers

Each senior may have different types of needs that they require to be attended to. For all these kinds of needs, there are suitable caregivers who can provide the best type of assistance. For instance, one may consider hiring a Personal Care Aide. This kind of caregiver is qualified to assist the seniors in tasks such as getting dressed or taking their meals. They also participate in house cleaning, cooking, and taking the seniors out to run errands. Another example is a Registered nurse. These are mainly helpful for an elderly loved one who has undergone surgery or who may be suffering from some illness. In addition to offering medical assistance, they also pay attention to matters of diet and exercise. It is thus best to select a caregiver based on the specific needs of your loved one.

2.    It is affordable

Contrary to popular belief,Senior Home Care is actually a lot cheaper as compared to other options such as taking your loved one to a nursing home. The nursing home tends to be more expensive since the fees include accommodation, meals, medical treatment and everything else that the senior will have access to at the home. Hiring a caregiver will thus be cheaper since factors such as accommodation and meals will not be charged. All you will have to do is pay for the services of the caregiver.

3.    Allows one to stay in touch with their family

Having a caregiver take care of your loved one at home instead of placing them in a nursing home will help to ensure that you remain close. This is based on the fact that you will get to see them every day at any time that you want. It will also enable you to keep an eye on them in case they have any medical issues that need monitoring. This kind of closeness will ascertain that your elderly loved ones will not suffer from issues of loneliness or a feeling of abandonment.

4.    It is more personalized

Hiring a personal caregiver will ensure that your loved one gets the type of personal attention that they need. This is quite difficult to achieve in a place like a nursing home since the caregivers have to attend to all the residents of the place, hence losing that personalized touch. However, the one to one kind of interaction your loved one will have with their caregiver will ensure that they develop a close and personal bond, one with trust.

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