How to Add Pizzazz to Any School Uniform

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With formal school uniform policies in 21 states, it can feel impossible to add your own unique flair to predetermined articles of clothing. Fortunately for you, it’s not impossible at all! It just takes a little bit of creativity. So if you’re ready to spice up that boring school uniform, keep reading.

Change Up Your Shoes

If your school allows it, try changing up your kicks every once in a while! Subtle floral patterns, higher heels, and fun laces are just the tip of the iceberg. You can even go bolder with bright colors, fun boots, and shoe accessories like charms or custom-painted kicks. And if your school is strict about shoes, try some new socks, instead. There are even socks that look like shoes.

Perfect Your Hair

They may dictate your clothing, but your hair is uniquely yours. Adding fun accessories or finding a funky style that really works for you can make all the difference in how you feel about your school uniform! You don’t need to go full-on tiara to make a statement with your hairstyles and hair accessories. Fun patterned headbands, embellished hair ties, and stylish hair clips can all bring the WOW factor just as easily.

Make Sure Your Uniform Fits

One of the biggest downsides to school uniforms is that they never fit quite right on the first go. You might be between sizes, or maybe your skirt or trousers are too long for your legs. The best thing you can do in these instances is take a trip to your local tailor. Tailoring your uniform so it fits your unique body just right can make all the difference in adding that extra bit of style to your daily outfit.

Invest in a Great Bag

No matter the uniform, nothing says style quite like a great bag. Not only will a good bag last you for years, it will make a serious fashion statement. You can go bold, add pins, or even tye-dye your bag if possible. In a private school environment where most schools have under 300 students, it’s important to feel a sense of individuality. A great, stylish bag can help you do just that.

Wearing a uniform doesn’t have to be a drag. If anything, it gives you an opportunity to really flex your accessorizing skills! Whether it’s trying a new hairstyle, playing with makeup, or investing in a pair of truly fabulous shoes, your uniform is yours to spice up.

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