CBD Massages Are Sweeping the Nation — But Do They Really Help?

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Americans are generally more stressed out than ever. From excessive workloads to divisive political battles, the emotional tension often translates into physical strain. Some people work out to relieve those feelings and release feel-good chemicals. But less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, which means too many people still need a viable source of stress relief.

Spas across the nation think they have a solution: CBD massages. But are these treatments actually effective, or are they simply a “wellness” trend?

Generally speaking, massage can be great for your health. It might seem like an unnecessary indulgence, but 92% of consumers who receive massages report that they’re effective in reducing pain. Even if you have no aches to speak of, massage therapy can alleviate stress and depression while promoting overall wellness, allowing you to stay healthy or even heal.

Since CBD, or cannabidiol, has also been recently applauded for its ability to ease anxiety and provide relief for a plethora of emotional and physical symptoms, it makes a lot of sense that those benefits could be amplified when combined with massage therapy. Since CBD doesn’t typically contain THC (i.e., the component of cannabis that provides a high), it can be a more approachable way to provide pain relief that comes with no real side effects. While CBD massage oil has benefits, CBD Oil can also be ingested in tinctures and capsules.

Spas across the U.S. have started to offer CBD massages as a result. CBD can relieve pain and inflammation while promoting relaxation, which makes it a natural (pun intended) fit for massage therapy. Clients who have paid for these services have often seen results in short periods of time, particularly when they’re dealing with injuries or general aches and pains.

Of course, there is a definite element of mystery when it comes to CBD. And when it’s combined with massage, scientists don’t really have the research to back up the specifics of how it works, proper dosages, or whether it’s even absorbed into the body. CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, but a lot of clients don’t really care; the anecdotal evidence is good enough for them.

While it’s important to do your research on both the massage therapist and the type of CBD products they use, this type of treatment may be a viable option for those who have not found relief through physical therapy and want to steer clear of prescription medications. Although more data is needed before some experts will feel comfortable promoting the use of CBD for wellness, it’s clear that the trend isn’t likely to fade away any time soon — but if you use these products, your pain just might.

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