Milestones to Celebrate Throughout Your Pregnancy

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After finding out you’re pregnant it can seem like FOREVER before the baby actually arrives. Pregnancy in and of itself is unpredictable, and you want nothing more than to be able to hold your precious little one in your hands. To try and calm some of those anxieties as you wait for your little prince or princess, perhaps you should start celebrating some of the milestones throughout your journey. 

What is there to celebrate? A lot! In fact, each week that you and your unborn child are healthy and safe is something worth smiling about. Here are a few other moments in your pregnancy you might like to celebrate: 

First Heartbeat

The first few weeks of pregnancy are critical. The first moment of peace is often found when you get to hear your baby’s heartbeat. This lets you know that you’re little one is developing safe and healthy inside the womb. You don’t have to go all out, but hearing something so precious is certainly worth some celebration. 

First Flutters

If you thought hearing the heartbeat was the most precious thing you could imagine during your pregnancy, imagine what it will be like the first time you feel your baby moving. Often described as a feeling of butterflies or a fish floating around in the abdomen, it is quite the experience. Take a moment to stop, feel, and experience your bundle of joy. 

Surpassing the First Trimester

Though pregnancy can get risky at any stage, it is often the most critical during the first trimester. This is when it is most likely for a woman to have a miscarriage. So, if you’ve passed your first trimester and have been given a good bill of health, then this is worth celebrating.

Gender Reveal

Now here’s a huge pregnancy milestone worth celebrating – finding out the gender of your child! You can use this as a milestone to celebrate with the entire family! Since a gender reveal is a big deal now, you can look into gender reveal party ideas to find the one best suited for you. Planning a gender reveal is now so easy and very affordable. You can find almost any surprise pink or blue gender reveal product that won’t break the bank.

Host it at your home or rent a venue. You’ll need food, drinks, and entertainment as well. Lastly, don’t forget to consider how you’ll reveal the news to others. A popular idea is to use the gender reveal powder cannon. It blows out either pink or blue powder to reveal the sex of the baby to your guests. Be prepared to capture the moment so all of your friends and family can see the gender reveal. These gender reveal powder cannons will create a moment to last forever. 

Getting the Nursery Done

Once you’ve gotten to the beginning of your third trimester, you’re getting even more anxious for your baby to arrive. Preparations should be underway to make room for baby. Now is a good time to begin putting together the nursery

You can work with an interior designer or complete the task yourself with some help with the heavy lifting. Choose your colors, paint, put up the crib, install other furniture, add some decor, and you’re all done.  After completing a job like that while pregnant, you should at least celebrate with some ice cream. 

Labor Day

If there was ever any other milestone throughout your pregnancy to celebrate it would have to be the day you go into labor. You’ve been waiting for months for this day to come and it’s finally here. Hopefully, you have your hospital bag and are ready to go and deliver. Though the moment can get crazy, try as best you can to celebrate and enjoy every moment of it. 

Believe it or not, it will go by so fast, if you’re not paying attention you could forget some precious moments. After you’ve given birth, you may not be up to doing much partying but you can definitely celebrate by inviting key relatives to the hospital or announcing your birth on social media to a group of supportive friends. 

As great as it is to become a parent, getting there is quite the journey. For nine long months, your mind and body will go through a lot of changes, as will the rest of your life. As you go through this experience and become more anxious with each passing day for your little one to arrive, remember to take a step back and celebrate each moment as it comes. It won’t be long before your delivery date arrives and your baby is born. Then, you’ll have a lifetime of milestones to celebrate. 

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