Here’s what you need to know about going on a grain-free diet

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If you’ve done a bit of research on various types of diets and lifestyle changes, you’ve probably found many experts saying that abstaining from grains could in fact be a major health breakthrough. While for some people grains still remain essential for balanced eating habits, for others, a grain-free approach is more advantageous. 

More of those pursuing this lifestyle change are reporting positive results, and that’s why you might be thinking about this possibility yourself lately. Before you actually start cutting out different foods from your meals, however, you should know a few things on the subject. Being informed properly will allow you to ease the transition, considering that removing grains from your diet completely can be tougher than expected. 

What are the benefits of a grain-free diet exactly? And what other aspects should you be aware of? Here are some of the most relevant details to know about: 

Potential benefits experienced

First, you should obtain a full understanding of the main benefits you’ll be able to experience with this lifestyle change. You will notice a few positive improvements once you eliminate grains from your dietary plane, and these are: 

  • Better digestion 

For some people, grains can be more difficult to ingest than other ingredients. If you’re dealing with a digestive disorder, such as an irritable bowel syndrome, grains can actually make the symptoms you experience worse. Once you eliminate, or at least reduce your regular intake of grains, you may be able to obtain relief from bloating, constipation and other unpleasant symptoms. 

  • Improved mood

Although you might not have thought about this aspect until now, the right diet can actually have a powerful effect on your mood. If you’ve become rather “addicted” to bread, your unhealthy eating habits could be affecting more than your physical health. Managing to overcome your constant cravings and switching to grain-free meals will substantially lift your mood. 

  • Weight loss

Losing weight can be challenging. Even if you are already trying to eat healthier, sometimes, a more complex lifestyle change is required to actually notice results. Get your hands on a few useful kitchen gadgets for healthy eating, buy the right ingredients, follow healthier recipes and cut out grains. Many people who’ve eliminated grains and gluten from their meals have reported impressive body transformation results. Besides cutting caloric intake, this dietary approach will also curb cravings, making it a bit easier for you to no longer eat more than you should.  

How to ease into a grain-free lifestyle

The benefits are multiple and quite clear, but actually starting to pursue this dietary change won’t be the easiest thing to do. You should know a few basic tips that will help you with the entire transition and allow you to enjoy your meals, even if you are no longer including some delicious ingredients. This is how to ease into your new lifestyle effectively: 

Focus on vegetables first

A paleo diet should include a lot of vegetables, in order for you to get all of your nutrients and vitamins with each meal, and no longer experience cravings for grain ingredients. A common misbelief people – who are going on this type of diet for the first time – have is that they should start eating a lot of meat. While a paleo diet does demand sufficient protein, you can mix things up, and switch to eggs or fish instead. 

Use greens as a healthier wrap alternative

You don’t need to completely give up on a tasty chicken wrap, simply replace the tortilla with leafy greens. You can use anything from cabbage leafs to iceberg lettuce. Once you get used to it, the wraps will start tasting just as good as before.

Switch to grain-free flour for baked goods

If you love cooking and eating baked goods, the thought of having to cut out those tasty meals from your life might not appeal to you. Well, going grain-free doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy some delicious recipes, but simply using different baking ingredients instead. 

You have some great grain-free flours available, including coconut, almond flour or tapioca starch. Almond flour, for example, contains fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, protein and a lot of healthy fats. It is also known to keep appetite under control and lower cholesterol levels. 

For your new healthy baking approach, you can also include ingredients such as honey or maple syrup, coconut milk or cacao powder. Remember that you should follow exact recipes at first, instead of using your old baking recipes and simply replacing the ingredient with grain-free alternatives. 

Cook extra 

When you don’t have anything grain-free at close reach to snack on, you will risk being tempted to eat out, or resort to something unhealthy. Because once you go on this type of diet, you will find yourself cooking more often, one tip would be to also cook extra, in order to always have in your fridge some nutrient-dense food. Whether you’re making muffins, soup or anything else, try to make a double batch from the start. It will come in handy and will prevent you from giving in to your cravings. 

Don’t skip on saturated fats 

To feel satiated after a meal, and for your body to effectively assimilate all nutrients, you’re recommended to add some saturated fats to each one of your dishes. Saturated fats contain a lot of healthy properties, and these will help you maintain your grain-free diet as healthy and balanced as it needs to be. A few examples would be pal shortening, unsalted butter or organic lard. 

As you can see, there are some relevant aspects that need to be remembered on the subject. Now that you are a bit more informed on what a grain-free diet actually means, perhaps you’ll start giving this option more of your thought. While this dietary approach might not be for everyone, the majority of people experiencing it have usually been pleased with the results.  Remember that healthy way of living demands from you a serious focus on what you’re eating.

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