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The leaders in the number and quality of IVF procedures performed are Israel, the USA and Germany.

The leaders in the number and quality of IVF procedures performed are Israel, the USA and Germany.

In vitro children: where in the world people do IVFs more often? How is it happening in Ukraine? Israel has been one of the world leaders in reproductive technology for decades. Today the largest number of IVF procedures per capita is carried out in this country.

In the United States, the law allows you to choose the sex of a child, which is not possible in all countries; and in many American clinics a multi-cycle system is practiced: a woman pays for several attempts at once – this helps families save money.

What is an IVF procedure?

Experts secrete an egg, and fertilize it with the introduction of a male cell. All this happens outside the body of a woman, in vitro. IVF is carried out in cases when there is no possibility of fusion of the egg and sperm in vivo.

Children born using IVF techniques are no different from children conceived naturally. IVF fertilization does not affect either health or mental or intellectual characteristics.

In Ukraine

In Ukraine, the first artificial insemination was done in 1990. Today in our country about 20 thousand children were born using IVF. In addition, Ukrainian reproductologists believe that age cannot be a contraindication for pregnancy (in most European countries there is a clear age limit of 54 years). The main achievement of Ukrainian doctors was the birth of a child by a 65-year-old woman.

Today there are 33 in vitro fertilization clinics in Ukraine. Most of them are private. Each clinic produces from 30 to 100 procedures per month.

Based on the reviews, the IVF procedure allows conceiving a child for 40% of women. After the first procedure, every third patient becomes pregnant, and after the second – every second.

The most popular medical services among foreigners in Ukraine are IVF, stem cell treatment, dental services, as well as cardiology and oncology clinics. The popularity of Ukraine IVF procedures is explained by the fact that artificial insemination is cheaper in our country, and the existing regulatory framework is much more liberal than in most European countries. In particular, egg donation is allowed in Ukraine, in which a donor egg is fertilized by a husband’s sperm, as well as surrogacy. If in a European clinic the IVF cycle can cost about € 3.500, in Ukraine you can find offers for 22.000 UAH (about € 1.000).

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