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3 Best Ways To File Employment Discrimination Claims

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Last Updated on October 8, 2017

Depending on the place you work, you’re entitled to certain legal rights in the workplace. Your employer cannot discriminate against you because of your skin color, religion, age and even sexual orientation.


Some employees face discrimination due to disability. If you’re facing a hostile work environment because of your disability, you can contact the appropriate authorities in order to take legal action regarding your situation.


The following are the three best ways to deal with the matter at hand.

1.       Talk To Your Employer First


In most cases, your problem can be solved if you engage in an intelligent discussion with your employer. Most companies want to avoid legal battles and it’s always good to know your rights before going into a conversation.


A smart thing is to write down a summary of your problems and review the laws that are applicable. Make sure you don’t leave out any important bit of information. Also, it is important not to be overly dramatic or emotional.


Last, all issues should be discussed in private. Once you have spoken to your employer, avoid discussing the same issue with your colleagues. After a few weeks, schedule another meeting to check what progress has been made in your case.

2.       Document The Problem


In addition to discussing things, gather official documentation that can make your claim stronger. However, only use documents you have legitimate access to. If you try to get hands on confidential documents, you can get fired or worse, you could compromise your legal claim.

3.       Think About Legal Action


If your employer takes no action in response to your complaint and your contract is terminated, or you’re demoted at work, consider taking a legal action against them. Contact Debt Academy if you’re afraid to take advantage of your legal rights because you think it might increase your already piled up debt.

How To File A Discrimination Claim?

It is necessary to file your discrimination claim with the relevant authority i.e. the EEOC. You need to provide your name, address, and telephone number. Also, you’ll have to share information about your employer including contact details and company name. During the investigation, EEOC officers may request additional details, review documents and even contact your employer.

I Was Discriminated For Being Disabled – What Should I Do Next?


If you’re a job seeker or an employee and believe that you have been a victim of unlawful discrimination, it is important that you file a claim as early as possible. There are chances that you cannot work due to a disability, but this doesn’t mean you cannot obtain disability benefits.

Unfortunately, most employers don’t feel like they have to pay them long-term disability benefits.

Get In Touch With A Qualified ERISA Lawyer


If you’re seeking disability benefits covered under the ERISA act, you’ll have to work with a trained lawyer experienced in these specific matters. You can search for ERISA lawyers in the whole region and once you find the right person, you can request them to handle your claim to the best of their abilities.

Choose A Professional ERISA Expert Or A Lawyer To Follow Your Case


Choosing a qualified lawyer to handle ERISA claims is the same as choosing a qualified doctor, accountant or any other professional. While searching for the best ERISA lawyers, you must first research the firm and then ask questions to determine whether or not the firm and the lawyer have a clear understanding of your case.