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Last Updated on June 21, 2017

There are many reasons that people avoid investing in life insurance. Perhaps they are single or do not have a family and therefore do not think that it is necessary. Some may think that the coverage of twice their annual salary that is covered by their employer is enough. Another popular misconception is that only those who make more than six figures a year need a life insurance policy. These excuses are just that; excuses. Getting a life insurance quote does not have to be invasive nor does it take a great deal of time to get one. This article will debunk several myths that often deter people from getting a life insurance quote and signing up for a policy with companies such as


  1. I have to give detailed, personal information to obtain a quote. In fact, this is not at all true. To get a quote from a reputable provider, all you need to do is submit some information about your age, gender, some health information, as well as the amount of insurance you are interested in purchasing. Much to the surprise of many people, your phone number and address is not needed to obtain this information. If you are curious and want to know how cheap you can get a plan for, simply submit a few tidbits of information and you will get a quote promptly.
  2. Life insurance policy provided by work is enough. While many employers are generous enough to provide full-time employees with a life insurance policy that is twice their annual salary, this many not be enough coverage for you and the needs of your family. It truly depends on your specific bill situation. In addition to funeral expenses, you will need to consider medical bills and other costs such as paying debt or paying off your mortgage. You family may not be able to take on this financial burden all on their own. It is best to begin to invest in more coverage so that you can ensure that your family is financially sound if you are no longer around to assist in paying bills. If you choose to invest, the worst thing that could happen is that there is more money than needed to pay medical and funeral bills which will give our family additional funds to live in for years to come. This will certainly be appreciated.
  3. I can’t afford life insurance. Many people hide behind the notion that they cannot afford to pay for a life insurance premium on a monthly basis. In reality, the cost of a policy is not that expensive. Life insurance is a great way to provide financial stability for family members and loved ones should something happen to you in a premature manner.


Planning ahead for your future can be a selfless act. Investing in a life insurance policy will be a generous move and will be greatly appreciated by your family members. Should something happen to you in a premature way, leaving your family to fend for themselves without you, having a life insurance policy to assist them will lighten the load of stress that will naturally be on them.


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