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Last Updated on November 6, 2017

In the past, only the very wealthy could afford home automation, however, as technology has changed and improved, just about anyone can enjoy it. In fact, many of the home automation products are quite affordable and will save you money.


Taking the time to change your home into a smart home will cost money upfront. However, it will save you in energy and convenience. Some of the home automation features have become so efficient that will make up for the initial cost during the life of the product many times over.


If you have been considering upgrading your home with smart home technology, these areas should be considered for saving the most money through automation.


Heating and Cooling


The vast majority of your electric bill is going to be compromised entirely on temperature control for the home. A large number of homes have systems installed that waste a considerable amount of resources and energy, typically heating and cooling the entire house regardless if anyone is present in the room. Whereas, a smart thermostat can automatically regulate the temperature due to outside weather conditions and other criteria, which will ultimately lower the monthly electric bill.


An automated thermostat can be controlled via a mobile device to program your home by zones, meaning unoccupied rooms will not be heated or cooled, saving a considerable amount of energy. In fact, there are smart thermostats that feature an occupancy sensor which will control the temperature based on movement in a particular room! These types of thermostats are so effective, many electric and home insurance companies will offer customers rebates in addition to the lower monthly bills.




Each year, household water leaks will account for over 10,000 gallons of lost water. Believe it or not, leaky faucets all across the country will account for 13 percent of water usage. No one wants to pay for something they are not using. Thankfully, there are some smart home automation products that will help find and stop those leaks in the home.


If you are more concerned with the amount of water that is being used in the home as opposed to leaks, there are tools just for that as well. In fact, saving water was a big concern at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, where water saving products like the smart shower head were introduced. It is also possible to save almost 200 gallons with the addition of a touch-free faucet which will turn off and on while washing hands and doing the dishes.


However, these savings are not contained to just the kitchen and bathroom. The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that almost one-third of all home water is used outside and about half of that is wasted. An automated sprinkler system is one of the best ways to cut the amount of water that is wasted. You can easily shut off the sprinklers when water is not needed by the touch of a button on your smartphone. In fact, some of the newer smart sprinkler systems can monitor the weather and react to what your lawn needs




The lighting of your home accounts for almost 11% of your monthly electric bill, which means an automated lighting system is going to help control matters. You can use a variety of motion sensors and timers to ensure that the lights are on when they are needed. Sensors are one of the best options as they will automatically turn the lights on when there is motion. This is particularly good for outdoor lighting as well as low to medium traffic rooms such as bathrooms. Smart lighting also can turn lights on and off remotely as well as control the brightness of a particular room.


You can also choose bulbs which will help to conserve energy, over $80 during the life of a LED bulb. While many of the incandescent bulbs are cheaper than LED, you will pay more for the energy they use every time they are turned on. Besides, they need to be replaced much more often.


While the home automation system is going to make your life much easier, it is also going to help lower the cost of your bills and help the environment. If you have been looking for ways to lower your monthly bills, start with these small steps to turn your home smart!

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