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Last Updated on November 3, 2017

Jingle bells are ringing, and the stores are filled with holiday packages. People have started planning and stocking up on food for the holiday season. And most of the time, all of these party foods are carbohydrate-heavy which makes us fat. If you are planning on controlling your weight and get through the holiday seasons without gaining much weight, then here are 4 useful tips for you.


  1. Eat before you attend parties


Parties are of course filled with various kinds of foods. And we will surely be tempted to try them all, especially if you go to these parties with an empty stomach. And before we notice, we have already started binge eating on every delicacy available on the party.


Binge eating is the main cause of weight gain during the holiday seasons. Eating more food than your usual diet will definitely make you fatter and heavier. To counter this, a good strategy is to eat before you attend parties. If you attend with a full stomach, you will most likely be able to resist the temptation from the foods. Not only that, you will also be able to focus on the people at the parties and socialize with them instead. A good practice is to eat fiber-rich foods that will make your stomach full for a long time. This will allow you to enjoy the party without eating much.


  1. Buddy System


Controlling your food intake is very difficult especially if you are alone. That is why it is recommended that you bring someone with you that shares the same goal. Get a friend that is also determined to get through the holidays without gaining much weight. Both of you will be able to guard each other’s diet and remind each other of your limits and restrictions. Plan beforehand and set some rules and limits with your buddy before attending the parties. You will be surprised by how much exciting and enjoyable it will be as you watch each other’s food intake during the parties.


  1. Eat slowly


If you end up eating at the parties, which is, of course, inevitable in most cases, the best strategy to counter potential weight gain is by eating your food slowly. Contrary to popular belief that eating fast makes digestion faster, it is actually eating slowly that makes the digestion faster. By eating and chewing the food slowly, you will be able to break down all the carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients into small bits that will make it easier for your digestive system. If you eat fast and try to swallow everything quickly, the food will stay longer in your stomach which will most likely be stored as fats that will ultimately cause you to gain weight.


  1. Nutrisystem


If you want help from experts in your goal, then you should try Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem involves having the food and meal plan delivered right at your doorsteps. With a Nutrisystem plan, you won’t have to calculate the calories and fats of the foods you eat. Everything is done for you in the plan – from the breakfast up to the midnight snacks. It is an effective and efficient way of getting through the holidays without gaining much weight. Although you might spend some money, you can get some good discounts by visiting this link, nutrisystem promo code.


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