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Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Is your child going to college? College is supposed to be one of the best places for one to build and mold their future. However, unless you talk to your child about the various challenges they are bound to face while there, it may not be the best place for them. Well, most of the children do very well in college as long as they have their priorities right. You could think of taking your child to The Recovery Village Ridgefield so that they can be counseled about the issues of alcohol and substance abuse before they even set foot on a college campus, or you could just have a casual conversation with them about your expectations on the topic. Your child will learn about the consequences of substance abuse and how to avoid getting into this temptation along with what your expectations are of them while in college.


Here are 5 things to talk to your child before they go off to college:


  1. Alcohol and substance use


The fact that the children are free and on their own while in college means that they could easily get misled by their friends and peers. You need to talk to your child about the negative effects of drug and substance abuse. Let the child know how alcohol, drugs and other substances may affect their lives negatively. Let them know that this behavior will affect their academic progress and finally render them incapacitated.  You could arrange for counseling sessions with professionals who can guide your child on what they need to do and what they shouldn’t do while in college.


  1. The magnitude of college


It is important that the children are talked to about the magnitude of being in college and what is expected of them. They need to be told the responsibilities and consequences of the things they shall do while in college. They should be told that they have great opportunities and luck for being in college. Let them know that they are definitely going to shape their lives by being responsible college students.


  1. Talk to the child about the consequences sexual misconduct


It is beneficial to talk to the children about sex and sexual misconducts while they are in college. Let them know how to avoid peer influence that leads to sexual misconduct. They need to be taught what love is and how they can take care of their relationships with their friends in college. When the children are aware of these things, they will definitely make the right choices.


  1. Let them envision graduating


Talk to the children about graduating from college. They should think about the achievement that they will have accomplished in the four years they will be in college. Talk to them about the things which they may not necessarily accomplish in the four years in college and how to go about such things.


  1. Tell your kid what you expect of them


Let your child know that you have some expectations of them in college. Let them know that college means investments as far as you are concerned as a parent. Let them know that you expect value for the money you pay in college in the form of tuition fees. They have to keep their part of the bargain by working hard and graduating with good grades.

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