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Last Updated on May 4, 2018

With a reputation built on offering the lowest prices possible, shopping at Walmart guarantees that you will save money on your purchases. Whether online or in-store, the mega-retailer offers a wide range of products and services. You will definitely get a good deal on various items, but there are many other ways to ensure that you do not leave your wallet empty. Knowing how to capitalize on Walmart-specific policies, discounts, and deals will increase your chances of saving more. So what do you need to learn?

There are many ways to ensure you make savings on your Walmart purchases. Adequate knowledge of how to navigate the retailer’s website and mobile app, as well as how to secure free shipping is just some of the highlights. Using promo codes and online coupons from platforms such as is another way to maximize your savings. Here are the top 5 money-saving tips when shopping at Walmart:

  1. Use Your Walmart App

Perhaps the most appealing feature of this app is the Savings Catcher. It allows you to receive a price adjustment within seven days of making a purchase. It finds any lower prices offered by competitors on your qualified items. You will receive the difference refund to through Walmart Pay or directly to your Walmart account.

Using the Walmart app gives you exclusive access to holiday specials and discounts. It also improves your budgeting skills. This is because it creates a shopping list, which reduces the chances of impulse spending while at the store.

  1. Walmart Price Match Policy

It is an excellent way to make savings on paper products, as well as goods such as meat and fruit. That’s because this policy enables Walmart to match the advertised price of similar products offered by competitors. However, it only applies if competitors are offering lower prices than Walmart on identical goods. The price match policy also covers non-food products and home goods.

  1. Take Advantage of In-store Pickup

There are situations where Walmart’s online prices are lower than the in-store ones. Therefore, it is important to do adequate research by not only comparing competitor prices but also the online and in-store prices. This will also enable you to know the items that have a pickup discount.

Once you settle on a purchase, you can then choose the option to pick it up yourself at your nearest store location. This saves the money you would have spent on shipping. Most of the items sold by Walmart are available for pickup within the same day. However, it is important to note that in-store pickup does not apply to hazardous or perishable items.

  1. Be on the Lookout for Clearance Items

When you have the time, go through the different aisles and end caps of your local Walmart store. You will be surprised at the discounts you can get from clearance items. They are usually discontinued or older model products whose prices have been marked down considerably. The good thing is that you can browse these clearance sections both physically and online.

  1. Timing is Everything

If you are looking for good deals on baked goods, groceries, and meat, it is advisable that you shop early in the morning. That’s because the prices for these products are marked down early in the morning to ensure they are sold before their ‘sell by’ dates.

Timing also applies to specific times of the year when Walmart and other retailers offer large discounts. This may include Black Friday and back-to-school season. Stay alert throughout the year to ensure you get the best deals possible.

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