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Last Updated on March 7, 2018

As if having a wedding isn’t challenging enough, you also have to plan the menu that you will offer on this special day. Likely, you don’t want something ordinary but that will be determined by many factors such as the budget, wedding venue, and caterer. There are so many things to consider before settling on the perfect menu for your event! A lot of people will be involved in this process but remember that it is your day and you and your loved one are the ones that need to have the last word about every detail. Of course, you can always ask for professional help, a wedding planner will be able to help you to find the best wedding & event venues, Orange County. Regardless of if you choose to make the decision alone or with the help of a professional planner, here are some tips to consider when selecting what you will serve at your wedding:



  • Ask for food allergies and other dietary restrictions from your guests: Even though this is your event and you and your loved one are the center of attention, it is important that you take into consideration your guests at the moment of choosing the menu. If you plan with plenty of time, once you have confirmed your guests list, you should consider sending out an email requesting the dietary needs and food allergies of your guests. This will help you to have an idea of what to offer or if you should consider offering an alternate menu for those with different tastes. This may increase you budget but for sure you will be keeping everybody happy and the wasting much less food.




  • Consider the wedding location: Another important thing to consider is where you will hold your wedding. Why is this important? Well, ingredients needed to prepare the meal can be easy or hard to find in the state, country or area that you have chosen. If you want to have a really good tasting meal, you should consider picking menu items that can be easily prepared at the wedding area and are locally sourced.




  • Offer seasonal food: On the same page as the previous point, in order to offer the perfect meal, you have also to consider the season. This not only will determine the taste and freshness of the food, it will also increase your budget or save you some money depending on your choices. Seasonal products are typically cheaper, since there is an abundance but, if the ingredients are off-season, the price will increase since they will be harder to find and may need to be imported.




  • Find the perfect pairing: Once you pick the menu that you will offer, it is important, if you care and can, to find a good wine pairing for it. This will give a distinction to your wedding and allow you to make a perfect dinner for your guests. Find wines that compliment the flavor of your menu, yet fit your budget. If you don’t have much knowledge of wine, a local wine shop is a great place to get some advice.




  • Last but not least, serving style: Even if the serving style doesn’t affect the preparation, it can affect the perceptions of flavor in the food. You have several options like, buffet style, plated and a la carte. You can ask the advice of your chef and he will be able to help according to menu.



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