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Last Updated on April 26, 2020

Discrimination against women is a very common phenomenon that happens almost every day and is not exactly new either. It has been happening since the beginning of time to the point where we are accustomed to it. But with the rise of many movements that scream for freedom, comes in the voice of the discriminated women, who only want what naturally belonged to them.

Discrimination against women is a very common phenomenon that happens almost every day and is not exactly new either. It has been happening since the beginning of time to the point where we are accustomed to it. But with the rise of many movements that scream for freedom, comes in the voice of the discriminated women, who only want what naturally belonged to them.

Today’s women have the liberty to practice whatever they want, unlike the previous years when they could not practice much of anything. Stereotypes and social norms too have their own rules on what women should and should not do, and because women were only accustomed to that, change was not easy, and the pace was fairly slow. It seems that change has reached a lot of aspects.


Before we jump into conclusions and assumptions, we first have to familiarize ourselves with women’s preferences when it comes to table games, what do casinos offer, etc.

Casinos are one of the places to blow off some steam; it is where you go to have a fun night out with your friends and where you enjoy table games of all kinds. There are the usual things that you will find in a casino: alcohol, retail shops, and lots of table games like Mini-Baccarat, Baccarat, Blackjack, Bingo, Roulette, Big Six wheel, Bola tangkas, Craps, Faro, Slots, Keno, Pai gow poker, Pai gow, Roulette, Lottery betting, and Lottery. We cannot generalize and say that all women participate in these games, but we cannot deny their participation either.

It appears that statistically, women enjoy bingo more than any other game and it turns out that they participate in it more than men do. But that does not rule out the fact that women enjoy other games in casinos as well.

Here are some common games in a casino:

1. Roulette

There is something about roulette that captivates its players and makes them feel preoccupied with it. It also looks like roulette has captured women’s attention. While there is no denying that men too can enjoy a game of roulette, but it appears that women enjoy it more, since their sum is always greater than men around a roulette table.

2. Slots

Much like Phoebe and the old lurking lady from NBC’s Friends, many women also enjoy a good game or two of slots. There have been various research done over the players of slots and it has been found that women are dominating this game. It has been recorded that for every male in a game of slots, there are about ten women.

3. Poker

Back in the day, men were the only ones who played and dominated poke. However, with the change of tides, things changed. Some men are consumed with online poker, that is true, but a lot of women are found in casinos playing poker. Female players have been encouraging each other to play poker and some women are encouraged to participate in poker only to break the stereotypes about who should and should not play poker. Not to generalize, but most men players do not think that women, even if they tried, will be good at poker. But many women have been proving them wrong over the years.

Women and Poker

Because women are very much aware of the stereotype that follows them everywhere, that they are not good at poker, they decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Meaning, women have been using this stereotype for their own advantage. Female poker players bluff their way to the top and celebrate their very fortunate winnings by using this negative stereotype for their own benefit.

But of course, all these winnings come from a lot of practice. Many women spend their free time honing their skills on gameplay and other online sites. Women poker players use these websites as an opportunity for them to familiarize themselves with the game itself, foreign strategies, and much more. These online gambling websites offer more than just a game of poker; they too have slots, roulettes, wheel of fortune, etc.

Other than the fact that online poker is encouraging women to participate as players online and in casinos, other famous female poker players are encouraging women to play poker as well.

Encouraging Women to Go to the Casinos

There are many women professional female poker players who have set a standard for all poker players; there are long-time players such as Jennifer Harman and Cyndy Violette, who were very much known amongst their peers, and as of today, we have a lot of professional women poker players who have made it difficult for anyone to play against them.

1. Annie Duke

Setting an example for other female poker players, Annie Duke has won many WSOP events, has her own signature winning move, has won a great amount of money out of only playing poker, and is featured in many poker books and instructional books.

2. Vanessa Selbst

Among many female poker players, Vanessa Selbst is in fact one of the youngest female poker players. Vanessa Selbst has made a name for herself over the years, and that is because she is one of the most successful poker players, especially when it comes to live tournaments.

Vanessa Selbst has won three World Series of Poker Bracelets, and won two consecutive North American Poker Tour events, which proves even more how professional, and brilliant she truly is when it comes to poker.

3. Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman is mostly known for participating in the Poker Boom. She has made it to a wide range of final tables, appeared on various pokers shows like States Poker and Poker After Dark. Jennifer Harman is known amongst her other fellow poker players as a cash game player first, and finally, she is known as the woman who won two WSOP bracelets.

Obviously there are a lot of other female poker players who are incredibly brilliant when it comes to poker, so here is an honorable mention for these amazing ladies: Annie Duke, Anette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Kathy Liebert, Judy Bayley, Caludine Williams, Patricia Becker, Jan Jones Blackhurst, Elane Wynn, Alice Walker, Cathy Hulbert, and Eleanor DuMont.

Women and Casinos

Much like everything else, women were discouraged to participate in anything that was considered to be a “man’s business” and most often than not, women did not participate but because things have changed today and women have most of their rights in their hands, they are coming in hot more than ever when it comes to high director ranks/positions, voting, gambling, etc.

One thing needs to be understood about poker and that it is basically just like any industry, where women are either excluded or underestimated. While this could be the catalyst for women to conquer poker like any other industry or going to the casino, it could also be the very thing that discourages many women from going to the casino and not even attempting to participate. Despite the discouragement that sometimes comes from society, women use these sexist views to their own advantage, provided obviously that they are interested in participating in casino table games, and try to conquer every game they play.

As of today the vast majority of advanced players are male, but women are slowly making their way to casinos. It is true that there a lot of women who are professional at all sorts of table games, but they are still growing as a female group infiltrating casinos table games and breaking stereotypes and gender roles.

Some female poker players take great pride in advantage play and use it to win every game. Some act as the ‘ditzy young girl’ who doesn’t know how betting works; they keep the act up until the players they are playing against find out that they are engaging in a form of Advantage Play. This goes to show that especially when it comes to poker, you do not really want to stereotype the players you are playing against and just label them and put them in a box. Just because the player you are playing against is blonde and a woman does not mean that she will be the ditzy blonde with a low IQ, and just because you are playing against any female players does not mean that they cannot win the game. Stereotyping is in general an awful thing to do, but when it comes to poker, it might cost you a game or two so, beware. Most often than not, female poker players use this meaningless stereotype as an advantage for them to win the game and let the players know whom they are up against.  

There have been a number of studies that have been conducted by researchers who wanted to scan and analyze the psyche of the modern gamblers or poker players on both female and male. These studies showed that female gamblers tend to gamble as a means of escape their stress, everyday life, etc., while male gamblers tend to gamble out of the excitement that gambling provides them with. Of course, these are just studies. We cannot generalize the results onto every gambler and make the judgment for ourselves.

Because various female poker players have proved themselves and how good they are at tournaments and live poker over the years, there will be no more scoffing at a woman’s choice to become a gambler or a professional poker player. These ladies have proved to other women that they too can become professional poker players if they are interested and they increased the chance of any woman becoming a professional poker player. These professional female poker players did not allow society to discourage them and when they got scoffed at for gambling and believing they are going to win, they scoffed back at them and at how ridiculous their assumptions were.

A lot of male executives in gaming believe that the barriers have been broken and crossed by the lead of these female poker players; they also believe that there will be more and more female poker players in the near future and that the number of women who are playing in casinos and winning table games will enormously increase.

Online Gaming

There are many online websites that hosts poker, roulette, bingo games etc. for players who want to practice or simply because they enjoy online gambling more at the comfort of their homes. There are a lot of participants who enjoy online gambling more and a few of these participants are women. Now maybe now you are thinking, wouldn’t this affect the number of women playing casino, to which the answer will be, yes. However, it will not affect the number dramatically because the number of women who play in casinos now is much lower than men; however, it is still growing. Besides, female poker players will not hesitate to prove how good they are at gambling or poker in real life; why would they waste this opportunity? Gambling behind a screen is fun but it does not compare to playing and winning in real life, especially if they are interested to play in live tournaments and live poker where they can announce their winning to everyone who is watching, and proving to them that women are awesome when it comes to poker as well.

Fortune Wheels

It is truly ironic how in the olden times women were viewed as the ones who only spun the wheel of fortune for the gents and were not even allowed to participate. But as of today, women are conquering all types of things including going to the casinos and playing all table games there. So if you are still wondering if you will be seeing women in any casino, the answer is most probably yes. The thing is, this is only the beginning for women, the more time passes by and women feel more empowered and encouraged they will be more likely to dominate casinos along with the table games.

When comparing the number of women who participate in casinos to the number of men it will surely be much lower; however, that does not mean that their number is not increasing. So what does the future entails for female poker players you may ask, now there aren’t a lot of women who choose to participate in casinos but in the near future, there sure will be a lot of female poker players. So next time you see women in casinos, be certain that they will be playing a game or two and that they might win; so keep an eye open.

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