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Last Updated on April 4, 2019

Becoming a parent does not come with an instruction manual. But what if it came with an app? There are numerous responsibilities to care for a baby. What to do is not always readily obvious. With today’s technology, information is very accessible for pretty much everything, including parenthood.

There are apps right on your smartphone to help new moms and dads have some assistance to care for their precious bundles. Just don’t forget to keep your device protected from snot, vomit and the other lovely substances your new baby will inevitably eject; a Samsung Galaxy S10e screen protector is a lot cheaper than having your device professionally de-gunked.

Here are a few apps that can come in handy along your way:


To a new parent, there is nothing more heart wrenching than a sick child. Especially when you are not sure exactly what your little one is suffering from. It can make a little cold look like a life battling illness. This app helps you identify symptoms and serves as a guide to basic illnesses and first aid treatments. Keep in mind of course that this app, although useful, should not replace medical attention. If your child is ill, call or visit your pediatrician.


If there’s one thing new moms lament over, it’s the lack of adult company. Being home with the children can leave you void of a social presence of adults. Peanut is an app that helps you connect with other moms near you. If you are looking to be part of a community of moms for support or just to discuss fun things, it is a great way to meet.


Want to keep a visual record of your baby’s development? This is the app for you. You can journal first time events, doctor visits and keep baby photos. A nice feature on the newer version of this app is that it records sounds. A precious way to archive first words and adorable baby babbles to share with loved ones.

Glow Baby

The first year with a baby is always the hardest to figure out. Here you are, responsible for a new life with an unpredictable schedule you need to adjust to. Glow Baby is an app that gets you on track with everything from feeding time to sleep time. It also gives you personalized parental tips and you can document your baby’s milestones.


When you are a new parent, separation anxiety is a very real thing. Not just leaving your child in the care of someone else, but leaving the child to sleep alone in its crib in the bedroom next to yours or upstairs. New parents usually worry that while they may be busy tending to chores, they might not hear the baby cry or cough. Babyphone is the app that eases this concern. It is a baby monitor that notifies you if your baby woke up or moved by dialing you directly on your phone.

Magic Sleep

What sleep? As a new parent, you will long for the days you could doze off randomly and uninterrupted. Having a new baby will change and limit your sleep habits drastically. This app will help you soothe baby and you to sleep soundly by recreating deep sounds like that of inside the womb. This will help baby fall asleep faster to give you a chance to rest.

There are numerous other resources at your fingertips to make parenthood less worrisome so you can enjoy your baby. But the most important thing is to trust yourself and find the best ways to care for the baby that works for you.

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