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Last Updated on January 23, 2020

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When we try to lose weight, there are certain obstacles we have to overcome to achieve our ideal weight. One example of this is to quit drinking liquors like wine. Grabbing a bottle of wine is a hard habit to lose, especially if it’s been a routine in your everyday life.

However, there are specific wines that, instead of disrupting your dieting plan, help you lose weight much faster. This means that you don’t have to give up on drinking wine if you want to reduce weight.

Here are varieties of wines that you can drink in moderation while following a diet plan, and also help you lose those extra weights.

Sauvignon Blanc Variety

If you are looking for a variety of wine that is low on carbohydrates, then this grape variety is for you. Sauvignon Blanc is a dry wine, and dry wines have the lowest carbohydrate content among all kinds of wines. 

This wine is one of the driest and crispest wines, with only has 3 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Also, a wine made with Sauvignon Blanc has a specific flavor profile of lemon, grass, and apple, which makes it a perfect pair for a plate of salad or dishes with fish and greens.

Yellowglen Sparkling Pink 65 Soft Rose

If you are in the mood for some sparkling wine bubbly wine with low alcohol, then you can reach out for a bottle of Yellowglen. Yellowglen has a low-calorie count as little as 65 per five-ounce of serving. This makes it the right choice if you are on a diet but want to have some good wine to pair with your salad.

Merlot Variety

To match with your steak served with a lot of veggies, Merlot wines are the best choice. With their medium body and notes of particular fruits such as red grapes, blueberries, etc., a large bottle of Latour wine 2005 is the perfect choice for that delicious steak. 

Merlot wines only have 3.7 grams of carbohydrates per serving, making them the best companion of your favorite steak, all the while not feeling guilty for not sticking to your diet.

Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling, among many people, is one of the healthiest wines to drink. It is also one of the wines that have a very low-calorie count. This makes it not only delicious but also an excellent wine to be a companion while dieting. However, most white wines have sugar in them, so before going on and purchasing a white wine, make sure to read the back label to check the content.

Cupcake Vineyards Chianti

This is a red wine that is popular among many housewives. This is because of the low calorie, and carbohydrate content which makes it the perfect choice if you want to relax at home after doing some house chores.


Socializing means having to go out and drink with your friends, not unless you are avoiding alcohol to lose some weight. Because of this, socializing and dieting don’t go hand in hand. But with sparkling white wines like Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco, you can go ahead and drink with your friends. This is true if you are on a Keto diet as you can still stay 100% Keto even if you drink Champagne.


Speaking of sparkling wines, Cremant is your go-to-wine if you want to celebrate with your family and friends. You can enjoy yourself without worrying since Cremant only has 87 calories, making it suitable for long drinking sessions. But keep in mind, though, to always drink in moderation.

Understanding Wine’s Effect on Your Body

Although the wines mentioned above is said to help you with weight loss, it’s not the wine that does it, it’s what you do when drinking. Arguably the most significant impact of wine to dieting is its ability to lower inhibitions. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, your body tends to reduce its inhibition, making you do less rational actions, especially giving in to your cravings.

The more alcohol you intake, the more prone you are to eat more. Research also shows that you eat a lot of food while drinking, your body can intake more liquor, putting more time off to get drunk. This is because of the thought of your food, absorbing some of the alcohol, giving you more chances to drink.

In short, the more you intake wine, the more you will lower your inhibitions. This makes you more prone to cravings, which will lead you to take a lot more calories. To avoid this from happening, always drink in moderation. With moderate drinking and mindful eating, you will get more of the benefits from the wine and food you consume.


As an emphasis, it doesn’t matter which wine you are drinking when on a diet, without control and attention on the amount of wine you consume, it will be useless. Being mindful of your alcohol intake, along with proper exercise and the right diet, weight loss is an achievable goal.

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