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Last Updated on August 8, 2021

One thing that every parent has come to realize during the pandemic and being quarantined at home is the power of crafts for children! Crafts can keep kids busy for a long time and are educational for them to execute, which leads them to be a perfect answer to your quarantine needs.

watercolor paints

Most parents I talk to stocked up on all of the crafting and art essentials to have on hand for their kids to use. Now it all seems fine and dandy but one must realize the mess some of the activities will cause, which leads to more cleanup for the adults. If you ask me, the more time the kids are occupied and doing something beneficial to them, the better! In order to make your parenting experience easier, below is a list of some items to stock up on for your essential craft collection.


With every art project, there must be color. The options are endless when it comes to coloring materials. The typical standards are crayons, colored pencils and markers. Every child’s household should have a set of these. Kids like to experiment with different styles of coloring so it is important to have options for them. Paint is another element to add to your collection. With kids it is probably best to have washable paint on hand. I also have paint pens and acrylic paint on hand for projects such as rock painting and various outdoor projects. You can get fancy and buy such products as tempra paint pens, oil pastels, chalk, dry erase markers, window markers, dot markers, gel pens and watercolors to mix things up.


To aid in executing your project, you need to have the proper tools. Having an array of paint brushes, rollers, pencil sharpener, stapler, hole punch, paint trays, glue sticks and elmer’s glue, and sponges. It is also important to have craft supplies so your next craft idea can be done on the spot. Things like straws, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, cotton swabs, tape, pom poms, glitter, dryer balls, beads, ribbon, yarn, buttons, felt and stickers can be used. Sensory play is popular so things like play dough, clay and kinetic sand or rocks are great for that. Some projects may require things that you can find at the grocery store that you may not think of as craft supplies at  first. Things like food dye, shaving cream, cookie cutters, salt, flour, cream of tartar, cornstarch can often be found in recipes used for projects. 


Who knew there are so many options when it comes to paper, but there are. It is important to have the right paper supplies so your little artist can get to work. Essential items include white copy paper, cardstock, paper roll, canvas, notebooks, and construction paper, 


To make things easier for parents, many stores and companies have created craft kits. You are now able to buy kits that come with all of the essentials to do a project or craft. Examples of kits include jewelry making, slime, rock art, sewing, painting, drawing, wood working, clay, sand art, tye dye, and string art. The convenience of these kits is perfect for little ones who need instructions and basics to start off on a new idea.

Clean Up

The part of crafting and art for kids that is not as glamorous is the clean up. If you are prepared then it won’t be as bad. Make sure you have everything on hand and ready before you even begin to clean as you go. Things like paper towels, towels and cleaners  are standard. Other things that you should consider having on hand are tarps, plastic, eyewear, plastic cups, and aprons or smocks. Bamboo charcoal bags can be used to eliminate odors as well. 

One thing you need to consider is how you will organize all of these materials in your home. It is best to have a designated space set up so that the supplies are both accessible to your kids and organized. Most parents will have a storage piece, shelf drawer, or table for all of these essentials.

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