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Last Updated on October 25, 2019

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Have you recently embraced veganism? You may find its actually easier than you thought to cut everything out. However, the one thing many vegans find difficult is finding a good place to eat out. While the majority of chain restaurants may have a vegan option, it is very limiting and tends to be very bland. Independent eateries are definitely the best choices for vegans, especially those that cater specifically to a meat and dairy-free diet. Take a look at these top five vegan-friendly restaurants in the UK which are sure to get your taste buds going again. 

Tibits, London

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This well-known restaurant now has a selection of restaurants around Europe, although the first originated in London just around the corner from Regent Street. The reason it became so popular is that it was one of the first restaurants to cater to vegetarians and vegans and also offers an all-you-can-eat service, which means you pay in weight. 

Tibits is owned by the Frei brothers from Switzerland who all have a passion for food, especially plant-based buffet style food. They created Tibits with Rofl Hiltl, who owns the world oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich. Their expertise has provided Londoners with a vegetarian fast-food eatery that is fit for vegans and possibly meat-eaters too. 

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Maitreya Social, Bristol 

Bristol-based Maitreya Social was one of the first plant-based eateries in the city, offering everything from mouth-watering starters to indulgent desserts. You can benefit from the early bird prices if you head there between 6 and 7 pm where you can get three courses for £17. What’s not to love? 

The owners of Maitreya social also share their recipes online, enabling vegans everywhere to enjoy interesting plant-based foods. So instead of eating bland salads or tofu, you can look to them for some exciting inspiration and get excited to sample their amazing meals! 

The Egg Cafe, Liverpool

In Liverpool, city centre residents have a wide range of restaurant choices, in a growing vegan market. One of the most popular vegan hotspots is The Egg Cafe, which is located near the Knowledge Quarter and Ropewalks. This is frequented by students living in nearby accommodation, such as the RW Invest development City Point, which is just a short walk away from this vegan-friendly cafe along with plenty of other restaurants, bars, and shops in the surrounding areas.  

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What’s great about The Egg Cafe is that it is welcoming to all, offering a selection of vegan food including homemade cakes, pasta, burgers and more, which are also kind to your pockets. It is also popular with local artists who can exhibit their work in what’s known as the “Eggspace”. If you’re more creative with your words than your hands, you should head down to their poetry open-mic nights which are held the first Monday of the month – where you can express yourself and eat until your heart’s content. 

The Allotment Vegan Eatery, Manchester

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If you’re looking for more upscale dining, then you should take a trip to The Allotment Vegan Eatery. This plant-based delight was initially based in Stockport but now resides in central Manchester, so is an excellent stop after a long day of shopping. It is also perfect for 9 to 5ers working in the area, as they now offer takeout lunch boxes so you can eat well while at work. 

Here you can enjoy a five or ten-course tasting menu, which offers an array of choices. For an upscale experience on a budget, you should head to The Allotment on Monday, where you can benefit from 40% off the ten-course taster menu. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something less filling, you could opt for the 3-course option for £20 Monday through Thursday. 

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