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Last Updated on May 19, 2020

Image by Beth Thomas from Pixabay 

Image by Beth Thomas from Pixabay 

Aging is inevitable, and no amount of anti-aging products are going to stop it. While there are negatives to the aging process, there are plenty of positives too. However, it’s essential to know what’s going on with your body and how to maintain your health. 

One of the most important things you can do at any age is to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and get regular exercise.  It is vital to fill your diet with vibrant foods loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, water, and essential nutrients. 

Your body will show its appreciation through your skin as eating fruits and vegetables is the safest and healthiest way to combat dull complexions and fine lines. Here are some of the best foods you can eat to nourish your body from the inside and have you glowing on the outside. 

Watercress, which is a nutrient-dense hydrating leafy green is an excellent source of, calcium potassium, manganese, phosphorus and vitamins A, C, K, B-1, and B-2. 

Red Peppers are full of antioxidants which are fantastic for anti-aging, they have a high content of vitamin C, which is good for collagen production. Papayas are a delicious superfood, rich in a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that may help to improve skin elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Blueberries are full of vitamins A and C, as well as an age-defying antioxidant called anthocyanin. Broccoli is an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging powerhouse. Spinach is hydrating, and it is also packed with antioxidants that help to oxygenate and replenish the entire body. Then there are nuts, particularly almonds, which are a great source of vitamin E. Vitamin E may help to repair skin tissue, retain skin moisture, and protect skin from damaging UV rays. Avocados are another great addition to your diet as they are high in inflammation-fighting fatty acids that promote smooth, supple skin. They also contain a variety of essential nutrients that may prevent the adverse effects of aging. Sweet potatoes give you lots of vitamins C and E — both of which may protect your skin and keep your complexion radiant and finally there are Pomegranate seeds, which have been used for centuries as a healing medicinal fruit.

A proper nutritious diet and regular exercise could also lower your heart rate, but to really take care of yourself it’s not just about what you eat, you also need to cut out the bad habits too. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your body and your brain, and it is linked to a whole range of different health problems, including heart disease, lung cancer, and bronchitis. It’s never too late to stop smoking; it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it for, stopping now will improve your circulation, your lung capacity, and your energy levels. 

Drinking water is imperative for everyone, it’s great for your complexion but also being dehydrated can make you feel tired and confused. Tea, coffee, and juice will help you to stay hydrated but try to avoid sugary fizzy drinks. When it comes to alcohol, keep at least two days per week booze-free to give your liver time to recover from the toxic effects of alcohol, and don’t exceed recommended daily limits for alcohol consumption.

You should also visit a doctor regularly and don’t be afraid to get routine tests to check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  As well as this, try to get outside for at least 15-20 minutes a day for a vitamin D boost and up your intake of eggs and oily fish or talk to your doctor about a vitamin D supplement as there are many people who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and don’t even know it. 

As you get older, you will notice changes in your reflexes, and while dementia is not inevitable, it is common for people to experience some forgetfulness as they get older because cells in the brain and nerves do become damaged over time.  Try to keep your mind active by keeping busy with hobbies and activities. You could try brain training exercises and puzzles which you could do daily as part of your routine. It’s also a good idea to keep things like your car keys and wallet in the same place in you home, as if you don’t then you could end up wasting time thinking about where you’ve put them and using precious brain energy that you could be using on something else.

Also, it is vital to look after your teeth because the enamel that protects your teeth from decay can start to wear away over time. This can leave you susceptible to cavities and also Gum disease

Don’t forget about your feet either as it is crucial to prevent problems such as bunions, corns, or ingrown toenails. Before going to bed, try applying moisturizer to your feet and using moisturizing socks to avoid dry skin. Also, Vicks vapor rub works wonders on feet, if you put it on before bed, it not only makes your feet feel as soft as baby’s feet in the morning, but it also helps you to sleep. Make sure when cutting your toenails that you cut them straight across to prevent ingrown toenails and get footwear that fits properly and supports your feet.

Talking of sleep, this is important at any age to make sure you get enough sleep, but as you get older, it can be even more critical for your health. If you find you’re not getting enough sleep at night time, cut down on daytime naps and try to establish a bedtime routine such as going to bed at the same time each night. Also, try a warm, relaxing drink such as chamomile tea or hot milk before you go to bed.

While taking care of your physical health is very important, it is also essential that you look after your emotional and mental health as well. Spending time with other people will prevent you from feeling lonely or anxious, so try to develop new hobbies and interests. Perhaps you could become a volunteer to keep you active and feel like you’re doing something worthwhile. It’s also essential to stay in touch with friends and family. If people have moved away, then get using Skype to make video phone calls. If you are living alone and would like to meet someone new even if just for companionship, then have a look into dating companies or check out a Senior Activity Center as these are a great way to meet people. 

Bodily changes may be inevitable and a natural part of aging, but they don’t have to slow you down. If you practice healthy habits throughout your life, then this is the best way to take care of yourself when you’re older. If you haven’t been kind to yourself thus far, then do not worry because it is never too late. Taking care of yourself will always give you benefits; it doesn’t matter what age or what you have done before. If you don’t do anything else, remember to do these essential things, and you’ll be well on your way to your healthy later years:

  • Stay physically active with regular exercise. 
  • Keep up with friends and family and within your community. 
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Don’t neglect yourself.
  • Have regular check-ups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist. 
  • Take any medications that your doctor has prescribed to you.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and cut out smoking. 
  • Finally, get the sleep that your body needs.

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