The Best Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip You’ll Ever Eat

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Last Updated on December 17, 2023

This Keto spinach artichoke dip is rich and creamy and a crowd-pleaser. Packed full of spinach, artichoke, rich cheeses and bacon, you will wow your tastebuds.

Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip

As we all know, diets suck, especially when you can’t eat carbs and sugars. Still, if there’s one thing that makes my keto diet tolerable, it’s this spinach and artichoke dip. 

It’s so creamy and cheesy and, most importantly, healthy. Best of all, it requires a few simple ingredients that you can find in any store. That’s why whenever I’m feeling peckish, I whip up this dip in my kitchen and start gobbling it down. 

So, if you’ve been looking for a new snack (try my keto deviled eggs too) that the whole family can enjoy, keep on reading. By the end of this article, your taste buds will be urging you to start cooking right away!


First, make sure the following ingredients are available:

  • 4 oz of diced bacon
  • 8 oz of canned artichoke hearts
  • 1/2 cup of frozen spinach
  • 1/4 cup of sour cream
  • 1/4 cup of mayonnaise 
  • 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese 
  • 8 oz of cream cheese
  • 2 tablespoons of garlic powder or minced garlic

How to Make the Best Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip Ever 

Prep time: 15 minutes 

Cook time: 20 minutes 

Total time: 35 minutes

Serving size: 1/4 cup

Total servings: 10 

Nutritional information per serving: Calories: 228, Total fat: 21g (saturated fat: 9g, unsaturated fat: 10g, trans fat: 0g, cholesterol: 41mg), Carbohydrates: 7g (fiber: 2g, sugar: 1g), Protein: 5gm, Sodium: 223mg

Now, let’s start cooking!

keto spinach artichoke Dip

Step 1: Preheat the Oven and Heat Up the Spinach

Before doing anything, preheat your oven to 350 °F (177 °C). Once you get the fire going, drain the thawed spinach and place it in a pan over medium heat. Keep it cooking until the water completely evaporates, which usually takes about eight minutes.

If you want, you can speed up the cooking process by wringing out the drained spinach. This way, you’ll remove the excess moisture, resulting in a shorter cooking time. 

If you’re using canned artichokes, make sure to drain them as well. However, you don’t need to heat them.

Step 2: Cook the Bacon

In a baking dish or cast iron pan, add your diced bacon and cook on medium heat. Once it turns golden brown, add the cream cheese and keep cooking until it melts and becomes silky smooth. 

Tip: If you’re afraid of accidentally burning the cream cheese, you can microwave it in a bowl for a couple of minutes and then add it to the bacon.

Step 3: Add the Rest of the Ingredients 

To the softened cream cheese/bacon mixture in your cast iron skillet, add the cooked spinach, quartered artichoke hearts, sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic powder, and parmesan. Mix all the ingredients together, then smooth the top with the back of your spoon.

Finally, place the skillet in the oven and cook for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to turn on the broiler in the last three minutes to get a nice, golden top, and that’s it! You now have the most delicious keto/low-carb spinach artichoke dip.

Serve it warm straight from the skillet, or place it in a pretty serving dish next to other keto appetizers.

Do You Need to Use Frozen Spinach?

No, not really. I opted for frozen spinach in this spinach artichoke dip recipe because it doesn’t require any cooking. Just a few minutes in the microwave to thaw out, and you’ll be good to go.

As for fresh spinach, you’ll need to rinse it, chop it, and then cook it in a pan with a bit of olive oil. After a couple of minutes, take the pan off the heat, cover it, and let it sit for 3-4 minutes until the leaves wilt. 

Finally, wait for the spinach to cool down, then gather it into a ball and squeeze it a few times to get out the excess liquid. You can now add the chopped spinach to the rest of the spinach artichoke dip ingredients.

Tip: To speed up the cooling process, put the spinach in a glass bowl, and place that bowl into a larger one containing ice. And if you want, you can wilt the spinach leaves in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. 

Variations on the Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip 

Here are a few things you can do to make the spinach dip more interesting.

Add More Cheese 

For an ooey-gooey dip that’ll have you reaching for more, add half a cup of mozzarella cheese to the dip mix. If that’s not enough cheese for you, throw in some shredded cheese on top and bake until golden and bubbly.

Use Your Slow Cooker 

If you don’t mind waiting a bit, make your keto spinach artichoke dip in the slow cooker. Basically, add all the ingredients into a crock pot, cover it, and cook on high for about two hours. 

Not only is the slow cooker much easier to use, but it also requires less cookware, which means fewer pans to wash and scrub.

Throw in Some Spices

Depending on how much of a kick you like in your food, throw in any of the spices that you enjoy. Put in red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, diced jalapenos, or even hot sauce.

Don’t be afraid of adding too much, as the cheese will balance the heat. Nevertheless, if you can’t handle spice, then swap out the hot peppers for some good-ol’ black pepper.

Take Out the Dairy

If you’re lactose-intolerant, then fear not. You can still make this awesome artichoke spinach dip. Just switch out the sour cream, parmesan, and mayonnaise with soy-based sour cream, cashew parmesan, and vegan mayonnaise.

Thankfully, you can find these dairy-free substitutes in most stores nowadays. However, if you can’t, then you’ll find tons of recipes on the internet detailing how to make them at home.

How Long Does Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip Last?

This keto artichoke spinach dip will last 3-5 days in the fridge. So, if you have a leftover dip, scoop out the amount you want, and heat it up in the microwave.

You can also freeze the leftovers in an airtight container, and the dip will stay good for up to two months. 

But what if you have a big party and want to make the dip ahead? Will it taste bad if it remains on the fridge for too long?

Nope, don’t worry about that. Just prep the ingredients, cook them on the stove, and freeze them. Then, on that day of the party, wait for the dip to thaw, and bake it. It’ll come out perfect and as delicious as a freshly-made batch.

This Keto spinach artichoke dip is rich and creamy and a crowd-pleaser. Packed full of spinach, artichoke, rich cheeses and bacon, you will wow your tastebuds.

What to Serve With a Keto Dip

If you aren’t eating this creamy dip by the spoonful, here are a few things you can serve next to it that are appropriate for a keto diet:

You can also serve this low-carb spinach dip next to some grilled chicken, spread it over a roast, or even stuff it inside a baked salmon. And if you’re having a bit of a cheat day, then hollow out a load of bread, fill it with the dip, and eat away!

In a Nutshell

This keto spinach artichoke dip recipe is an absolute game for keto diets. Just by combining simple ingredients like chopped artichokes, spinach, bacon, sour cream, and parmesan cheese, you can end up with a masterpiece that’ll satisfy any taste bud. 

Honestly, you don’t even have to serve something next to it; it’s that good on its own. And thankfully, it doesn’t take that long to prep and cook, so if you’re ever in the mood for a snack, cook some artichoke spinach dip and enjoy.

cast iron with spinach artichoke dip
Yield: 10 servings

Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

You'll love dipping into this delicious keto spinach artichoke dip!


  • 4 oz bacon, diced
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 8 oz artichoke hearts, diced
  • 1/4 cup mayo
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup parmesan, grated
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 1/2 cup spinach, frozen


  1. In a skillet over medium heat, add the diced pancetta and cook until golden brown, roughly 8 minutes.  
  2. Place another pan over medium heat and add the frozen spinach.  Cook until all the water has been cooked out, roughly 8 minutes
  3. In the skillet with the browned turkey bacon, add the cream cheese and lower the heat to medium. Cook until the cream cheese is smooth.  
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  In the Skillet with the cream cheese mixture, add in the rest of the ingredients and mix with a spoon until combined. 
  5. Place in the oven and cook for 15 to 18 minutes.  To make the top golden, broil for 3 minutes.  Serve with your favorite crackers, pork rinds, vegetables and more. 

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 228Total Fat: 21gSaturated Fat: 9gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 10gCholesterol: 41mgSodium: 223mgCarbohydrates: 7gFiber: 2gSugar: 1gProtein: 5g

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