Suffering With Allergies to Wheat & Gluten…But Still Want To Get Your Comfort Food Fix? 


 “Comfort Foods and Treats That Taste This Amazingly Blissful HAVE Got To Be Chock  Full of Allergens Right? BZZZ! Wrong!”


The following recipes I’m about to reveal to you are not only 100% allergy free,  but they’re also perfect for those following the Paleo and Gluten-free Diet!

“You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!”

Hello! My name is Kelly Bejelly and as the founder of A Girl Worth Saving, a blog that has its central focus on the wonderful world of “Paleo Cooking from the heart”…I have first hand experience on how food can transform people’s lives for the better. And this also includes YOU!

The Paleo Diet could not have come at a better time in my life. I had hit rock bottom. I was a size 28, pre-diabetic and the worst was the severe bouts of anxiety and depression that took out all the joy and happiness in my world.

 But I’ll never forget that fateful day I started to
finally give up eating grains…”

 The difference was almost immediate, and my health started to turn around right away. I could not believe how so something SO simple could make me feel so much better. But what I soon discovered was that cutting grains like wheat out of my diet was the EASY part…

 “Giving up and cutting out all the good  STUFF like Breads, Fried Foods and Desserts was the truly hard part…”

…and one I could not accept. So I had to find a better way to not only stick with my diet protocol (keeping the allergies away!) but also be able to satisfy my desire for comfort food. As you know, if you “cheat” on your diet and suffer with any type of autoimmune disease, one setback can instantly disrupt any healing that may have already taken place. It’s just not worth it.

After a LOT of research, trials and testing, I finally developed ONE amazing ebook I’ve called Paleo Comfort Foods: 88 Grain-free, Gluten-free and Allergy-Free Down Home Recipes for people just like you who are looking to enjoy the recipes they grew up with…but not pay the price with their health!


And trust me, you WILL discover some amazing recipes in this guide that will satisfy your sweet tooth. I’ve included some tasty recipes for mouth-watering treats and desserts like: ice cream, cookies, mousse and many many more! No guilt, all comfort, all healthy! 

 “Plus, these recipes are EASY to make and TASTE out-of-this-world…GOOD!”

“Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek of What You’ll Discover Inside This Upcoming Cookbook!”


  • Amazing comfort foods that taste so good, you’ll be shocked at not only how easy they are to make, but they’ll also be 100% Gluten Free and Paleo friendly!
  • Enjoy classic “must have” meals like Chicken Fried steak , Sweet and Sour Chicken, Enchilidas and a whole lot more!


“You’ll discover all these QUICK & EASY recipes and important tips, plus so much more,in this one comprehensive cookbook!”


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