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Last Updated on January 30, 2019

“It is going to be Okay”– saying or hearing that phrase does not help you to win in the battle of “Me VS My Stress.” However, there is a way out. More specifically, there are seven proven ways to resist the urge to put your head in the sand.

“It is going to be Okay”– saying or hearing that phrase does not help you to win in the battle of “Me VS My Stress.” However, there is a way out. More specifically, there are seven proven ways to resist the urge to put your head in the sand.

1. Verbalization of Everything That Is on Your Mind

Pronunciation or verbalization is giving shape to something vague and expressing it by means of precise words. It is a great thing, I am telling you. You can write down all the problems on paper and make a small list or just write a long letter and then burn it down. Do not worry, it should not be a well-organized essay or the entire dissertation, although let me give you a hand in searching for cheap dissertations online. It can be just a couple of sentences that tear you apart.

I prefer to use a modified type of this method, so I talk with my phone switched off. I imagine talking to a fictional character who knows and understands me, while my phone is switched off. It is just a relief. Sometimes your close friends and family just can’t understand you. In that case, “someone” on the other side of the phone definitely will.

2. Water Is the Key

Here it is – the party trick of all the ingenious therapists. Most often, people feel irritation for two reasons – hysteria (in other words, sympathetic adrenal crisis) or dehydration that is not being noticed. A glass of water stops all the stress attacks known to science. It starts the mechanism of self-rehabilitation of the body.

But that is not all. To beat a terrible day at work, make contact with the water. Washing dishes is a free hypnotherapy-psychotherapy session. The noise of clean running water relieves our fatigue and takes away all the “dirt”, not just the household one. In addition to washing dishes, there is a well-known classic: take a bath or a shower, go to the bathhouse, go to sea, to the river, to the lake early in the morning or evening in order to swim. For me, 5-mile open water swim is the best option. To put it simply, freshen up.

3. Physical Détente

By hearsay, all of us heard about that method, but as usual, we do not care. The rapid physical détente includes: walking, a big clean-up of the apartment (maybe someone else’s), sex, getting rid of what has been called “the bad stuff”, gardening activities, dancing classes, washing the floors and doing laundry with your hands (it goes hand in hand with freshening up).

All of these actions help you to relax your twisted muscles and release stress. Washing the floor or doing laundry with your hands help even with the grieving process.

4. Positive Stress Reframing

So many things were written about the positive reframing, so I do not want to repeat them. Let me just give an example:

“I am so glad that things turned out this way and I am not going anywhere this summer! Finally, I will take my Spanish lessons, do some fitness training, and even attend self-development courses! When would I have time for such “useless” luxury? Moreover, in summer there will be a lot of sales. So, I will save some money for my next year trip to Greece”.

5. Smile and Wave, Fellow

Scientists have proven that even after a little smile, at least one muscle or nerve in your body is going to relax. In other words, ridiculing, vulgarizing something important is an ancient recipe of human culture.

Watch one of the episodes about the adventures of Sponge Bob Square Pants. When he was afraid to perform at a school seminar, a smart squirrel gave him the super-glasses. Wearing these glasses, Sponge Bob saw all the students and the teacher… in their underpants. That was ridiculous! Although because of the laughter he never read his report. But the method is really efficient. So, there are two ways to deal with stress – to smile in “its face” or to make your problem even more prominent and put yourself in this awkward situation.

6. Cry

Crying relieves stress. With the lachrymal liquid, those toxic substances that are formed under the influence of stress hormones leave our body. If your situation does not bring you tears, think up a compassionate topic and cry over it.

7. Take Your Mind off Your Problem

So, we have started with the mind, and we need to end up with it. That method of relieving emotional and nervous tension will be useful if you get trapped, if you backed into a corner or you just can’t avoid an unpleasant situation. For example, you are on a rundown meeting, and your brain is blowing up while you are listening to the boss, but you can’t just leave. In that case, you have to distract yourself for a while and focus your thoughts on outside things.

For instance, “Lisa had her nails done! Should I use the paint on water or polish base next time?” Take a closer look at the person sitting next to you, pretend to be a therapist and try to understand the person’s problems just by his or her facial expression.

So, there are dozens of ways to win in this battle with anxiety, stress, and anger, all you have to do is to find a personal approach. I bet, one of the seven methods will definitely work.

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