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Last Updated on January 23, 2019

If you have made a New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy, but you have lost track. Don’t panic. Your New You can begin today! Below, you will find a collection of tips to help you get back on the right track.

If you have made a New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy, but you have lost track. Don’t panic. Your New You can begin today! Below, you will find a collection of tips to help you get back on the right track.

Embrace the side dish

When you look at a menu, what draws you into picking a dish? Most people will say that it’s either the main fish or meat that is the star of the dish or they will say it’s the overall composition of the dish, i.e. the flavours and textures incorporated. One thing we don’t tend to give as much consideration to is the side dishes that are served alongside the meal unless we don’t like them and so ask for them to be altered. However, side dishes play a pivotal role, especially when trying to get healthy.

Side dishes present you with a great way of adding more fruits or vegetables to your diet. A simple side salad only takes a few minutes but well ensure that you get your daily dose of goodness whilst adding a light and refreshing accompaniment to your main meal. A salad isn’t the only option, as you can roast vegetables in a whole host of different seasonings to add a different finishing touch to your meal. This doesn’t require much hands-on time; you simply need to chop the vegetables, after which they can cook whilst you take care of the other dishes. Not only can you get more nutrients and fibre with fewer empty calories by adding vegetables and fruit to your meals, but it’s a good way of using up produce before it goes bad as well.

One of the main reasons why we a lot of people don’t rave about side dishes is simply because we don’t give a lot of thought to them. We go straight for the frozen bag of broccoli to add a bit of green to our plate. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing this now and again. But, when you go for the bag of frozen vegetables each and every night it can soon become boring. Instead, you should give just as much attention and thought to your side dishes as the main part of the meal, just as the top restaurants do. If you do this, you’re guaranteed to have a much more enjoyable and exciting meal. From oven-roasted green beans, to red cabbage wedges, to wilted spinach, to a refreshing watermelon salad, there’s no end to the options you available.

Make sure your meal plan is catered to you

Another tip for eating healthy is to make sure your meal plan is right for you. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Instead, they simply follow what everyone is doing. However, we are all different. Our bodies are different and we have different goals. Not everyone wants to lose weight. Maybe you need to put weight on? If so, it is worth taking a look at this guide to meal plans for anorexics. It is all about finding a plan that is right for your current situation. Don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing.  

Start eating more fish: start with Alaskan Cod

Alaskan cod, which is also commonly referred to as Pacific cod, is wild-caught in the Northwest of the Pacific. One of the reasons why this fish is a popular choice is because it boasts a mild flavour and therefore is a real people pleaser. If you like your fish lean, flaky and moist, you will certainly love Alaskan cod. It is widely considered the best quality cod fillet available and because of its firm texture and white colour, it is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a whole host of dishes and cooked in many different ways.  

There are many benefits of eating fish, and Alaskan cod is certainly no different. In fact, this is a type of seafood that is packed with health advantages. When you enjoy this fish you will get a great boost of B vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that are important for ensuring your heart remains healthy. DHA and EPA are found within Alaskan Cod, both of which are ‘long-chain’ omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to lower the risk of death due to coronary heart disease by as much as 36 per cent.

If you are looking to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy, balanced diet, Pacific cod is a great choice because it is high in protein yet low in fat and calories, while also containing all of the important minerals and essential amino acids your body needs.

It is also worth encouraging your children to eat Alaskan cod too, whilst pregnant women can also benefit from this delicious fish. Whilst all fish, from monkfish to barramundi, boast health benefits for infants, Pacific cod is significant in eye and brain development. It helps with the development, growth and structure of the retina and fetal central nervous system. There are other surprising benefits too, with research indicating that Alaskan cod may reduce inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis thanks to the DHA and EPA found in fish oil.

Worried you’ll put on weight if giving up smoking this year?

It is no secret that piling on the pounds and giving up cigarettes can go hand in hand for a lot of people. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to. First and foremost, incorporating exercise into your weekly routine is strongly recommended. Of course, exercising offers an excellent way of staying fit and ensures you do not pile on the pounds. However, it is extremely beneficial when quitting smoking as it reduces your cravings for a cigarette as well. Aim for approximately two and a half hours of moderate physical activity per week. It is all about finding something you enjoy and can easily slot into your lifestyle. This can be anything from cycling, to fast walking, to dancing, to swimming, to playing a sport – the choice is yours.

You are going to eat more when you quit smoking. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you get rid of one habit, you need to find something to replace it. It is advisable not to try and fight the want to eat. If you make sensible decisions you can maintain your weight whilst kicking the habit. After all, one of the most preached diet rules is to eat little and often. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with eating on a regular basis if you are making healthy choices. Have a bowl of tuna with tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, chilli powder and tomato puree. Chop up some carrots and some celery and eat it alongside a low-fat dip. Have a bowl of low-fat natural Greek yoghurt with some organic honey. Honey is a good option as it is a fat releasing food and so will stop you from indulging on high-calorie foods.

All in all, there is no denying that quitting smoking is already extremely difficult without having to worry about putting weight on in the process. If you exercise more and make wise food choices you should not experience any weight gain. The worst thing you can do is try and suppress the want to eat or start a diet at the same time as quitting cigarettes. All this will do is add more pressure and make the task impossible.

So there you have it… some useful tips for a New You this year!

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