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Last Updated on June 20, 2019

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

When you go to a party or celebrate something that’s worth remembering, a toast of wine is something you look forward to. Aside from the food and the reason for celebration, you tend to taste a glass of wine while you catch up with your friends and relatives. In fact, this is the most common scenario you see every time you see yourself at big parties.

That said, a celebration is not complete without wines. It has been a practice and tradition for everyone that memory is worth commemorating for when drinking wine. This is why every vineyard has made an effort of continuing to develop various types of wine labels so that every wine lover can have a lot of choices to select.

When you ask people as to what type of wines they normally want to taste, most would likely to respond to red wines. Red wines have a different level of acidity compared to white wines and that you can really feel the intensity of each taste every time it reaches your palate. Aside from that, the tannin content of each red wine makes it more interesting along with the alcohol content and sweetness.

Moreover, in the sea of red wine choices, you might feel anxious as to what really tastes good. If you are a newbie and wants to impress every guest you invite, there’s a lot of jobs for you to do to make sure you get the best label. Of course, you do not go inside the store and whatever you see first you have to pick it right away. In getting the right bottle of red wine, you must consider a lot of things so you’ll never go wrong.

Hence, as you go along and look for a bottle of red wine to serve, we’ll lay out to you the best red wine choices you can serve anytime, anywhere, and at any given occasion. These wines have been tested over time and their ability to impress every guest has never failed up until today. Here are they to get you started.

Tempranillo Wines

This is one of the best Spanish red wines ever made. It’s a Sokolin Red wine which is purely made from Temprano grapes, a Spanish name of the said grape varietal and defined as “early”. The name is purposely derived by ripening the grapefruit earlier compared to other grape varietals in Spain. Actually, Tempranillo wines are being called as a “noble grape” because it is the third largest variety of grapes being planted in Spain occupying almost 88% of the vineyard.

Although a Tempranillo wine is less aromatic compared to Sangiovese and Pinot Noir, it can stand out every time you serve it at a party. This wine offers a versatile taste because of the magical grape being used to it that undergone right ripening process. Also, Tempranillo offers a  juicy and soft strawberry flavor which explodes gently in one’s palate.

Petit Verdot Wines

It’s one of Bordeaux blends that can only be found in the particular region where the wine offers a taste of what Bordeaux vineyards can really offer. Petit Verdot is one of Bordeaux grape varietals that tend to ripen late compared to other like Cabernet Sauvignon. Although it didn’t earn its popularity during its production, the Petit Verdot maintains a  prominent taste and it has now become a popular wine choice to all people.

Once you pour a Petit Verdot wine in a glass, you can smell the aroma right away which comes compelling to the nose and palate. You can observe by the time you taste it the different flavors of dark berries accompanied by other elements such as black leather and violets. Truly, this is a worth-grabbing bottle of red wine to serve at a party.

Malbec Wines

The same with Petit Verdot, it’s also one of the red wine varietals that had not earned so much popularity during the early days of production. This is due to the fact that the grape varietal of Malbec wines is hard to nourish in France. By that time, it has been brought to Argentina in order to grow and was successful. By the time Malbec wines became massive in production, people are starting to realize that this wine can go head-to-head with other red wine labels. As of today, Malbec wines became a top choice of every consumer.

Each bottle of Malbec wines offers a rich and sensuous plum accompanied by a strong tannin content which offers a velvet texture as it reaches your palate. The main reason why this red wine can really stand out when you serve this at a party because it has a versatile taste. Out of other red wine bottles you find, this can pair with different kind of dishes and you won’t have a hard time convincing every guest to drink it.

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