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Last Updated on August 8, 2021

Have you been spending so much time in the kitchen that you’ve forgotten to go outside and have fun? Been there, done that countless times.


Have you been spending so much time in the kitchen that you’ve forgotten to go outside and have fun? Been there, done that countless times.

I want to make sure that you spend less time cooking and more time living!

This post will definitely be a great reminder for all of us to get some sunshine after we are done with our work in the kitchen.

Go To Park To Free Your Mind

If you’ve already used up all of your vacations and the idea of having to be around people is the last thing you want to do after a long week, then don’t forget about something you can do in your own neck of the woods. Do a little bit of research and find a local park or greenway to go for a nice ride through the park. 

If you’re near any of the nation’s many metropolises, I’m sure you’re close to a place where you can cheaply and easily rent any electric scooter ( to zoom your way through the park and maybe explore the city while you’re at it. 

If you haven’t been on an electric scooter in the last few years, you honestly owe it to yourself to give them a shot. 

Many variations are capable of exhilarating speed and maneuverability, just be sure to bring a helmet. 

You get all the sights and sounds that you would get on a bicycle just with none of the heavy leg work, leaving you much more able to stay present at the moment and to enjoy all the sights, smells, and sounds your wonderful local park has to offer. 

With your sweat-free breeze in your face, the excursion is just waiting for you to swipe your card and take off. 

Go to the Beach and Enjoy That Vitamin D

The ideal place for both people whose idea of fun is tanning in the sun and enjoying their favorite adult beverage and also for the more active of us. Swimming, surfing, and beach volleyball are immediately available to all comers and all for a low cost if not completely free. 

If you’re feeling more adventurous a little time and money will get you a long way and allow for incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as paragliding, jet skiing the surf, or renting a boat and captain for your very own deep sea fishing experience. 

Whatever your interests or activity preference, a beach trip has something for everyone. If you’re the type of person who enjoys shopping, most beaches have multiple outlets and boardwalks just waiting to fulfill your every shopping desire, (also important to remember who the forgetful among us as good cheap places to pick up those things we always inevitably leave at home). 

So when making plans for a vacation this summer make sure you don’t overlook this incredibly timeless, fun in the sun staple.

Have a Backyard Party With Friends

Perhaps you’re not overly fond of sunburns and sand in your shorts, or you’re finding yourself low on funds or time. Fear not, next on the list of top fun in the sun activities is simply throwing a backyard party with friends. 

The options and variations of this one are as infinite as your imagination. From grilling out, to trash talk over a game of cornhole to having a laugh over a few ice-cold beers, this is one summertime activity that never gets old. 

Don’t have the funds to buy food and drinks for everyone? No worries, in the world of backyard parties, anything goes, so have your friends bring a paleo potluck dish and their own adult beverages, or just have everyone go in on some low-carb pizzas. Need any ideas for fun activities to keep your friends occupied? 

There are a lot of different options for yard games and many are available for a very reasonable amount. 

A set of good cornhole boards is always a good investment for events such as this, the only issue is making sure everyone who wants to play gets a turn as this is sure to be a crowd favorite. 

Horseshoe and volleyball are two more great activity ideas that require very little investment to bring a whole lot of fun to your backyard fiesta. 

If you find yourself in the dog days of summer, bring out the sprinklers or roll out the slip and slide, (turns out it’s just as fun for adults and way more entertaining to watch). 

There really is no way to go wrong with the good old backyard party, so long as the company is good, the drinks are cold and the sun is hot.


Summer is almost winding down this year so don’t forget to give yourself a break and enjoy what little time we have left of this summer. You only have one life to live so let’s get living!

Thanks for reading everybody!

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