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Last Updated on April 4, 2019

Juggling work and home life is something every adult will have to do at some point or another. The need to earn a living and to be there for those you care for often pull you in different directions, sometimes making it challenging to do either as you should. Most people manage or figure out systems that make the work-life balance easier, but some are pulled too far in one direction or another.

When work becomes the priority or consumes your time and energy it has a negative impact on your home life. One might start to notice signs like:

  • Not being able to leave work problems at work
  • Spending less time at home to focus on work
  • Indulging in vices to cope with the stresses of work
  • Developing poor habits like limited sleep, poor eating, or lack of exercise
  • Increased mental health issues including Monday blues, stress, anxiety, and depression

If you’ve noticed these signs, it means that your career is negatively impacting your health and your home life. The only way to reverse the problem is to take immediate action. Below are some suggestions on what to do:

Take a Break

Maybe you love what you do but are just suffering from a bit of burnout or workplace stress. If you want to continue working where you are, but just need time to heal mentally and physically, then talk to your employer about taking a leave of absence. This could be a few days or weeks off from work so you can relax, reflect, and put your energies into rebuilding your personal life. Go on vacation, spend some much needed time with your family, or get some things done around the house to make home life easier.

Sell Your Business

Lots of entrepreneurs run successful businesses, but get to a point where they realize it’s time to move on. They may be tired of the responsibility, interested in something new, or simply burned out from all the hard work it takes to operate a company. In these instances, it may be worthwhile to sell your business. For instance, if you owned an accounting firm, there are companies that will value and advertise accounting firms for sale. If you have a pretty successful business, you could walk away with enough cash to start over.

Take Care of Your Health

If you’re not physically or mentally at your best, how can you be there for your job or your family? The best thing you can do once you realize your work-life balance is out of whack is to reset and take care of you. Make sure that you’re eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and indulging in activities that make you happy.

Talk to Your Employer

As much as you may like your job you have to love yourself and your personal life more. Remember, if you’re always burned out, it’s not going to help your career in the long-run. So, have a talk with your employer (or with yourself if you’re a business owner) about your workload and common stresses in the workplace. Discuss what can be done to lighten the load. This may mean delegating tasks to other staff, investing in software or hardware to make processes easier, or even consulting with coworkers who are problematic and causing stress. Whatever it takes to make your job less stressful should be a top concern for any employer.

Commit to Your Home Life

Like most people, you work hard to earn a living for the people you love and the things you want and need. If they’re not happy or are stressed out as a result of your career, this can reduce your motivation to work. So, start committing more to your home life. Schedule regular time off to be with them (especially important dates like birthdays and anniversaries), find ways to spend a few moments with your loved ones during your downtime, and set boundaries so that work stays in the office.

There’s no getting aruond the need to have a job to support your family and afford a certain lifestyle, but by no means should it come at the cost of things you treasure the most. If you start to notice the above signs that work is compromising your home life, use the tips provided to turn things around and get some balance back in your life.

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