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Last Updated on September 29, 2021

Some people feel dissatisfied or unhappy sometimes. They might not be sure about why that is. They just know that something doesn’t feel quite right, and they’re not certain what action they can take to resolve the situation.

Some people feel dissatisfied or unhappy sometimes. They might not be sure about why that is. They just know that something doesn’t feel quite right, and they’re not certain what action they can take to resolve the situation.

Some of these individuals seek counseling by seeing a therapist. Others who are religious might talk to a spiritual advisor who leads their congregation. Still others might spend time meditating or deep in thought, trying to reconnect with whatever source makes them happy and content.

If you are in this situation, you might feel like traveling and vacationing will help you. Many people feel that way, and often, they will find that a venue change can help them. Let’s talk about why that is right now.

You Can See How Other People Live

All kinds of different trips appeal to various people. You might vacation in Branson, Missouri, or maybe you want to go camping up in the mountains somewhere. You must figure out where to go that will heal the uncertainty or anxiety you’re feeling.

It could be that wandering from place to place and exploring the nomadic lifestyle will appeal to you. Some people work as digital nomads these days. That can work if you have IT or writing skills since you don’t have to commute to a physical location and work there each day.

If you can travel around a lot and visit different states or even other countries, you can also see how different people live. Some of them might seem to have lives that are very much like yours, while others might lead a day-to-day existence that little resembles your own.

Either way, simply seeing other people living their lives that are separate and apart from yours can make you feel good sometimes. It does remind you that you are not the universe’s center. No matter what you choose to do with yourself, there are still going to be billions of other people who are living separate lives. It can help you to have a visual reminder of that.

You Can See Other Cultures

It can also help you to vacation or travel if you can see other cultures close up. Again, this is a way to step outside of yourself and see that other people have lives that yours does not impact.

It’s nice sometimes to visit foreign countries and see people speaking other languages than your own. 

It’s easy to feel self-centered if you never visit other countries or places beyond your life’s usual scope.

The reality is, though, that people are out there in other countries, living their lives, and you are part of an infinitely larger community that you might normally acknowledge. You are more than part of a neighborhood, city, or state.

You’re a human resident of an entire planet, and when you look at your life that way, you can feel small. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

You Can Get Out in Nature

You can certainly visit other cities and see them lit up at night. During the day, you can see the bustling as the people go busily about their lives.

It’s helpful to see all of that, but you can also learn a valuable lesson by traveling around and finding natural places where human feet seldom tread. These natural areas are where animals still hold sway.

There, you can find silence and tranquil moments. These can be helpful since there, your mind can be quiet. You don’t have to surround yourself with technology and human advancement.

In these places, you can meditate and quiet your mind. You can center yourself and allow silence and serenity to calm you for a few moments.

You will know at these times that the modern, hectic life is out there waiting for you, but you don’t necessarily need it. You will understand that if you wanted to detach yourself from all of it and simply sit silently for days on end, the world would go on without you, and that thought might comfort you.

You Can Learn More About Yourself

There is a lesson that states that if you want to know more about yourself, you should study other people. Traveling lets you do that. The more you observe others, the more you will understand about your priorities and values.

If you visit other cities, states, or countries, you can watch people going about their business, and perhaps you will meet fellow travelers and talk to them. You can ask them about what they value and prioritize.

When you do so, you will learn that they might be just like you, or their wants and needs might be dramatically different. It’s interesting to find out these things.

You might learn that someone else doesn’t think at all about the same things that constantly preoccupy you. Maybe you’ll meet someone who isn’t the least bit materialistic, for instance. They might want nothing more than to travel around, eat simple meals, and they never want to start a family or own a home.

If you want those things, you might feel like it’s strange to meet someone who’s walking a completely different path from you. However, you might come to respect them. You may walk away from the encounter more determined than ever to get the things you want, or you might feel like now is the time to reevaluate your priorities.

Meeting people in strange and exotic places broadens your horizons. There are almost no leaders or religions that do not believe this. The more you travel, the more you learn about your world and your own place within it.

This is why you may want to travel as this year concludes. If you have been in the same place for a long time, that could be why you feel dissatisfied or restless.

The open road calls to you. You may feel that now is the time to answer that call and engage in some spiritual growth.

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