Keto Cinnamon Rolls


Indulge in Homemade Keto Cinnamon Rolls:  Shipped Fresh

Savor the Sweetness, Embrace the Health

Welcome to a world where indulgence meets health – our homemade Keto Cinnamon Rolls are a testament to the joy of guilt-free treats. Made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, each roll is crafted to ensure you can indulge without compromise. Perfect for those following a ketogenic lifestyle or anyone interested in reducing their sugar intake, these cinnamon rolls are the epitome of pleasure without guilt.

Premium Ingredients for a Premium Experience

  • Butter: Adds richness and depth to both the dough and the icing, ensuring every bite melts in your mouth.
  • Cream Cheese: Creates a smooth, tangy icing that perfectly complements the sweet, spicy filling.
  • Almond Flour & Lupin Flour: These low-carb flour alternatives keep the rolls light and tender, ensuring a perfect texture without the carbs.
  • Vital Wheat Gluten: Gives the rolls their bread-like texture, making them chewy and satisfying.
  • Erythritol & Monk Fruit Sweetener: Our natural, sugar-free sweeteners offer all the sweetness of sugar without the high carbs or calories.
  • Vanilla Extract: Enhances the flavor profile with its sweet, aromatic essence.
  • Egg: Provides structure and richness, contributing to the rolls’ perfect consistency.
  • Cinnamon: The star spice, offering warmth, aroma, and depth to the filling.
  • Yeast: Unlike traditional keto recipes that use baking powder, our rolls are yeast-leavened for that authentic bread-like rise and texture.

A Dozen Delicacies, Crafted with Care

Your order includes twelve freshly baked Keto Cinnamon Rolls, each infused with the aromatic warmth of cinnamon and topped with a luscious, creamy icing. Whether you’re sharing with friends, family, or savoring them yourself, these rolls are designed to bring joy and satisfaction without dietary regret.



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