We’ve all been there.  Torn between making the right decision on a product and struggling with weighing all the variables in addition to the cost.   I can’t tell you how many times it’s taken me a good month to figure out if I was buying the right product and also getting a good deal for my money.   I’ve scoured product reviews online for everything under the sun and I know how important is to find an honest, quality product review that shares how an item fits into your lifestyle and if it’s dependable and going to last.

I’ve made it a point, to be honest in my product reviews.  I am your average consumer and have standards-based around my beliefs of using natural, chemical-free items for your household and body.  Some may call this green and while a large majority of the products I use fit into this category, I also understand that a budget often makes the decision and we do the best we can for our families with what we’re blessed with.  I’m not so type A that I will turn down a product that doesn’t  fits these guidelines as long as it’s an item that is functional and helpful for my readers.

I look at all angles of each product that I review on this site.  First, I share about the company and then highlight the nitty-gritty of the product.  Questions you’ll find answered are what the item is made of, sizing and any other helpful product descriptions such as is it bpa-free, nut-free, recyclable, etc.   You’ll learn what the pros and cons of  each  product so you can see if  it’s something you may want in your household.

Really it all breaks down to what is the best bang for your buck.  I’ve reviewed products that were less than $5  that I would hands down buy again and again because they functioned well and had an amazing design.   Then I’ve cried when something that cost $80 split at the seams like butter and wasn’t worth the package it was shipped in.

So what product reviews will you find on my site?  I’ve discovered about the latest phones, apps, vacuum cleaners, and more are reviewed on this site.   As a  cook, I share reviews on kitchen items such as knives and small appliances,  You’ll also see vacation and hotel reviews, clothing reviews, and home office reviews. 

If you find yourself browsing through my product reviews and have a question that wasn’t answered, please feel free to contact me.