EcoBlu Review – The Best Radon Detector for 2023

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Although radon gas is all around us, too high a concentration of it can be deadly when exposure occurs long term. So even if you don’t suspect you have a radon gas leak, it’s still a good idea to check for radon gas in your home or office.

This article reveals the best radon detector for 2023 and a list of other products worth considering. Keep reading to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety.

EcoBlu radon Detector

The 6 Best Radon Detectors in 2023

The radon detectors and radon test kits below are among the best 2023 has to offer. We reveal what makes them must-have devices for any home serious about detecting this radioactive gas.

1. Ecosense EB100 EcoBlu – Best Overall

Ecosense EB100 EcoBlu, Home Radon Detector, Capture & Display Results Every 10 Minutes, Short & Long-Term Continuous Monitoring, Easy to Use
  • FAST AND ACCURATE : First reading in 10 minutes with patented ion chamber radon sensor technology
  • EASY TO USE : Simple plug and play
  • FULL SIZE DIGITAL DISPLAY : Compact design for easy reading from a distance
  • SHORT AND LONG-TERM CONTINUOUS RADON MONITORING : Display real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, and long term average levels
  • WHAT YOU GET; EcoBlu, Table stand, Power cable, Power adapter, User guide, Customer support via email & 12 months limited warranty

A massive LED screen is one of many features that make the Ecosense EB100 EcoBlu one of the best digital radon detectors on the market. This device features a plug-and-play setup (to a wall socket), letting you begin reading radon levels with minimal fuss. Meanwhile, its full-size LCD makes the device easy to read from a distance.

As a continuous radon monitor, it provides radon readings on a real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Thanks to its 18 counts per hour per pCi/L counting sensitivity, the EcoBlu provides some of the most accurate radon tests available. And it has a 12-month (limited) warranty and comes with a table stand and user guide.

Key Features

  • A full-size LCD makes the device easy to read from across the room
  • It’s a continuous radon monitor, so it can easily handle long and short-term testing (whether real-time, daily, monthly, etc.)
  • Its 18 counts per hour per pCi/L counting sensitivity makes this device one of the most accurate radon gas detectors available
  • It has extras included (a table stand and user guide)
  • The plug-and-play setup means you can start detecting radon in your environment the moment you unbox the device
ecoblu radon detector with text overlay

Bottom Line

The Ecosense EB100 EcoBlu is a fantastic radon detector for anyone who wants information about their environment’s radon levels fast. Its large LCD screen makes reading radon levels quick and easy, ensuring you always stay safe even when you view it from a distance.

2. AirThings Corentium – Runner-Up

The AirThings Corentium is a radon detector with long-term monitoring capabilities. This lightweight device is battery-powered, meaning you can carry it around the house. The second benefit of this device’s three triple-A-battery-power-source is that you can perform radon tests in different rooms without the encumbrance of locating a wall socket first.

Another of this detector’s excellent features is its ability to generate radon reports. You can make the AirThings Corentium perform self-inspections when you need them. And this information will tell you whether your improvements have made a difference. Also, it was developed by Norwegian particle physicists, meaning it’s incredibly accurate.

Key Features

  • Its weight and battery-power-source means you can carry this detector around the house and do room-to-room radon checks
  • It can generate radon reports and perform self-inspections on demand
  • Its long-term monitoring capabilities mean you can monitor radon levels over days, months, and years
  • The Corentium was developed by Norwegian Particle physicists, so it’s incredibly accurate at detecting radon gas in an environment
  • It has a huge extended 5-year warranty (subject to registration on the AirThings website within 30 days of purchase)

Bottom Line

The AirThings Corentium is for anyone who wants a radon detector they can carry around the house. You only need three triple-A batteries to start detecting radon room-to-room and this feature, combined with its weight, makes it one of the most portable options on the market.

3. Ecosense RD200 RadonEye – Most Accurate

Ecosense RD200 RadonEye, Home Radon Detector, Fast Capture of Fluctuating Levels, Short & Long-Term Continuous Monitoring with Trend Charts
  • QUICK RESPONSE : First reading in 10 minutes and fast, accurate capture of constantly fluctuating radon levels
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE COUNTING EFFICIENCY: 30 count per hour per picocuries per liter radon counting with patented ion chamber radon sensor technology
  • SMART VIEW RADON TREND CHART: Smart view of long term radon trend with hourly basis average data
  • SUPERB PERFORMANCE: Superb performance validated by trusted 3rd parties
  • WHAT YOU GET: RadonEye, User Guide, Power cable, Free App, Customer support via email & 12 months limited warranty

The Ecosense RD200 RadonEye is another one of the best radon detectors you can get for your home. This radon detector features an OLED display and lets you check for radon in your environment. And it has an integrated audio alarm you can configure based on the radon levels you want it to detect.

At 0.529 lb, Ecosense’s radon detector isn’t heavy, meaning you can easily transfer it between rooms if the need arises. In addition, it performs radon tests every ten minutes and its 30 counts per hour per pCi/L counting sensitivity means it produces accurate test results.

top view of radoneye radon detector

Key Features

  • An LED display provides all the information you need for radon measurement and monitoring radon gas levels in your environment
  • It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you view test results on a comfortable screen
  • The RadonEye supports continuous radon testing and will test radon levels every ten minutes
  • Its patented radon detection technology makes it one of the most accurate radon testers on the market
  • The integrated audible alarm alerts you when the levels of radon in your environment are too high

Bottom Line

If you want a radon gas detector with the highest accuracy, the Ecosense RD200 RadonEye is one of the most accurate radon test kits available. Its high 30 counts per hour per pCi/L counting sensitivity provides unrivaled accuracy, while its audible alarm ensures this home radon detector keeps you informed about the presence of this naturally occurring gas.

4. AirThings Wave – Most Technologically-Advanced

What if you could check radon levels with a wave of your hand? That’s the idea behind the AirThings Wave, a smart radon detector that provides a visual color-coded indicator of your environment’s air quality when you wave your hand in front of it.

This device shows you three colors: green signifies low or safe radon levels, yellow is a warning to make adjustments, and when the air quality monitor shows red, it means your environment’s radon levels are dangerously high.

Also, the AirThings Wave integrates with popular Smart Home products like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. It connects to your smartphone via the AirThings app, letting you view radon-level reports from anywhere in your home or office. And its straightforward battery installation means you don’t have to pay lab fees to get test results.

Key Features

  • It’s a smart radon monitor that lets you check radon gas buildup with the wave of a hand
  • The easy-to-understand color codes quickly inform you when the radon concentration in your environment is at dangerous levels
  • The AirThings Wave integrates with Smart Home products like Alexa and Google Assistant, providing you with more convenience
  • It connects to the AirThings app, meaning you can check for elevated radon levels from the comfort of your phone
  • It works with batteries, meaning you won’t need to get lab tests to check the levels of radon in your environment

Bottom Line

Consider getting the AirThings Wave if you want a radon tester that instantly reveals your environment’s radon levels. This one provides the information at the wave of a hand, using easily-identifiable color codes that can save you valuable time in a dangerous situation.

5. Safety Siren Pro Series3 – Best Budget

The Safety Siren Pro Series3 is a continuous testing digital radon gas monitor with an easy-to-read display that provides information about radon gas levels in your environment. This device requires nothing more than three triple-A batteries to do its task and it’s one of the most affordable products on this list.

Also, it’s capable of performing long and short-term readings. The device continuously samples the air, providing hourly updates on its findings. And it has an audible alarm that’ll alert you if it detects radon above the limit.

Key Features

  • It’s one of the best radon detectors for the price
  • It has an easy-to-read display that provides information about your environment’s radon gas levels
  • It’s easy to set up, requiring only three triple-A batteries to work
  • The Pro Series3 can do long-term and short-term readings
  • An audible alarm alerts you to dangerous radon gas levels, protecting you from lung cancer due to radon gas exposure

Bottom Line

The Safety Siren Pro Series3 is for wallet-conscious homeowners who want to get a detector that does the job without breaking the bank. Its ease of setup is an additional factor that makes this radon detector an appealing choice.

6. Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 – Most Straightforward Detector

The Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 is a radon detector manufactured by Accustar Labs, one of the US’s leading radon testing labs. It’s been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an accurate radon detector that provides accurate radon level measurements. And it’s made our list for being the easiest radon gas test kit to use.

This radon gas detector doesn’t require power (e.g., from batteries or mains) to test an environment’s radon levels. To get it to work, remove the radar detector from its sealed pouch and let it sit exposed to the air for three months to a year. Once the testing period has elapsed, mail the device to Accustar Labs and you’ll get the results back.

Key Features

  • It’s the most straightforward radon detector to use (no further intervention is needed until the testing period elapses once you unwrap and expose it)
  • It doesn’t require power to work (no batteries or electricity needed)
  • The Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 is manufactured by a leading US radon testing lab
  • Its testing accuracy has been verified by the US EPA
  • There are easy-to-follow instructions included with the device

Bottom Line

The Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a radon detector that doesn’t require a complicated setup to begin detecting radon levels. Its straightforward “unwrap and expose” setup makes it one of the quickest detectors to install. 

Choosing A Radon Detector – What to Look For

What should you look for when choosing a radon detector? This section reveals some factors worth considering before making a purchasing decision. They include:


A radon detector’s accuracy should be the first factor you consider before putting your money down. This factor could make all the difference in a life and death situation because radon gas is invisible, so you can’t rely on your eyes when detecting it.

Therefore, it’s crucial you get a device that makes up for that shortcoming. At the same time, these devices aren’t infallible, so it isn’t uncommon to get the occasional false reading. As such, it’s best to get a detector with high accuracy.


Testing speed depends on the type of radon-detecting device you get. Single-use radon test kits take a week or so to detect radon. However, when you consider that you have to send them to a testing lab after, the time doubles. This shouldn’t be an issue when testing for radon in an unoccupied building. However, such a long testing time isn’t ideal in a residence.

In contrast, digital radon detectors can provide results in a couple of minutes. So, they’re ideal for testing occupied buildings for radon.


Time is of the essence when testing for radon, so you should consider how easy a detector is to use when making your choice. After all, you wouldn’t want to be fiddling with electronics and instructions for hours when your environment could be the scene of a radon gas leak.

The most desirable radon gas detectors are a plug-and-play affair, so they either use batteries or plug into electrical mains. Also, they don’t have complicated setups and can begin detecting radon in your environment once they have power.

Wrap Up

Radon exposure is one of the many causes of lung cancer, so it’s crucial that you quickly detect how much radon your environment has. In terms of accuracy, speed, and ease of use, the products we’ve discussed in this article are among the best options you can get to keep your environment safe.

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