What Is the Best Small Space Heater in 2024?

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Last Updated on February 27, 2024

The high costs of electricity, gas, and heating systems cause more people to switch to compact, portable space heaters and look at portable solar panels. Generally, they’re energy efficient, using less electricity or oil than a whole home heating system. Also, their size makes it easy to tuck them away during warmer seasons.

best small space heater

However, among all the products in the market, which one is the best small space heater? It’s not an easy answer, so I’ve rounded up five space heaters that offer the best features and performance, making them stand out in this category. So keep reading for an overview of them.

Top Picks

  1. Vornado AVH10 – Best Overall
  2. Lasko 754201 – Best Value for Money
  3. Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 – Best for Large Rooms
  4. Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater – Most Stylish
  5. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier – Most Advanced

The 5 Best Space Heaters in 2022

The list includes space heater models that excel in their category, bring new or relevant features to consumers, and overall perform well. Learn more about these best space heaters and see which one fits your needs best.

1. Vornado AVH10 – Best Overall

Vornado AVH10 Space Heater for Home, 1500W/750W, Fan Only Option, Digital Display with Adjustable Thermostat, Advanced Safety Features, Auto Climate Control, Whole Room Electric Heater for Indoors
  • HEAT DIFFERENTLY — Gently heat all in the air in a small to medium-sized room through vortex air circulation without using intense heat, similar to how a forced air furnace works, just on a smaller scale.
  • AUTO CLIMATE CONTROL — Intelligently senses how much heat and circulation is needed to maintain set temperature, and makes adjustments automatically so you don't have to.High Heat Amps:12.5
  • HEAT EFFICIENTLY — 2 quiet heat settings (Low/750W, High/1500W) and a fan only option to tailor heat output and energy consumption.
  • HEAT SAFELY — Advanced safety features include a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and an automatic safety shut-off system for worry-free use.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — Backed by a 5-year hassle-free and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS. Heat Regulation: Adjustable Thermistor

The Vornado AVH10 tops my list, providing the best overall performance and features among space heaters in the market.

This room heater warms up a room in seconds since it produces twisted airflows, called ‘Vortex Action,’ to circulate heat quickly in a room. Officially, its heat covers 256 square feet, but I could feel its warmth in a 400 square feet room, which is impressive!

The AVH10 also includes two heat settings (High/1,500W and Low/750W), a fan-only option, and an adjustable thermostat, which helps you control the temperature. However, the temperature control doesn’t go lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which can feel limited for those who like having a varied temperature range.

Meanwhile, when it comes to safety, this space heater provides tip-over protection and an automatic safety shut-off system in the form of a spring-loaded sensor, which will turn off the heater immediately if your kid or pet knocks over it.

However, it’s hard to tip the AVH10 over, thanks to its broad, stable base and 4.8-pound weight. It also comes with a cool-touch casing, allowing you to touch it anywhere, no matter how hot it gets.

Other notable features that add to the AVH10’s appeal include the automatic climate control, digital display, integrated handle, and hidden cord wrap. And it’s one of the quietest space heaters I’ve seen, even at a high fan speed.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t include a remote control. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, it would’ve allowed users to control the heater at a distance, adding extra convenience.

In terms of price, the AVH10 leans toward the slightly pricey side. It costs a bit more than average portable space heaters, but it’s pretty reasonable given its safety features and additional details. It also offers a five-year warranty, which is among the longest I’ve seen in the market.


  • Heats a room quickly
  • Reliable safety features
  • Quiet even at high fan speeds
  • Compact, durable, and convenient design
  • Five-year warranty


  • Doesn’t offer a wide temperature range
  • Doesn’t include a remote control
  • Slightly pricey

Bottom Line

Overall, the AVH10 performs as it claims, quickly providing gentle heat throughout a room. If you’re looking for a well-rounded space heater, it provides a great balance of performance, safety, additional features, and warranty.

2. Lasko 754201 – Best Value for Money

Lasko 754201 Small Portable 1500W Electric Ceramic Space Heater with Tip-Over Safety Switch, Overheat Protection, Thermostat and Extra Long 8-ft Cord for Indoor Ho, 9.2 x 7 x 6 inches, Gray
  • ✅【HEATS UP A ROOM FAST】Powered by an energy efficient ceramic heating element this portable space heater has 2 heat settings, High (1500W) and Low (900W), plus a Fan only option to quickly eliminate cold spots in your home, apartment, garage and basement.
  • ✅【KEEPS YOU NICE & WARM】At 9.2 x 7 x 6 inches, this mini space heater is ideal for being on or under your desk in the home office or anywhere warmth is wanted to save on whole-house heating costs. The manual thermostat lets you control your desired personal comfort level in rooms up to 100 sq. ft.
  • ✅【EASY TO USE】Simply take it out of the box and plug it directly into a standard 120V wall outlet. Choose from 3 settings: High/Low Heat and Fan Only. The extra-long 8-foot cord means you can now reach more places around the house. Convenient carry handle makes it easy to move from bedroom to kitchen.
  • ✅【BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES】Tip-over safety switch and Automatic Overheat Protection take the worry out of using the electric heater for long periods of time. The self-contained, self-regulating ceramic heating element helps keep the exterior cool to the touch, making Lasko a safe choice for chilly days and nights. ETL listed.
  • ✅【TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS】Lasko is an industry leader in personal home comfort and has been making quality products for over 100 years. Lasko space heaters are backed by a 3-Year limited Manufacturer’s warranty. Why not get a second heater for your den, living room, or college dorm? Makes for a great gift too.

The Lasko 754201 portable heater offers the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a highly affordable but powerful space heater. It provides dual heat settings (High/1,500W and Low/900W) and a fan-only option, covering rooms of up to 100 square feet. It also includes an adjustable thermostat that maintains your desired temperature.

Despite being a budget space heater, the 754201 doesn’t compromise its built-in safety features. It includes automatic overheat protection, a tip-over switch, and an internal, self-regulating ceramic heating element that produces a cool-touch exterior. So you don’t have to worry about using it for too long or accidentally knocking it over.

The Lasko 754201 is one of the best space heaters for portability, with dimensions of 9.2 x 7 x 6 inches (L x W x H). It’s the right size for floor space or tabletop use.

You could place it under a desk or table, so it’s ideal for office use. The carry handle and eight-foot cord also make it easy to move the space heater over more areas.

When it comes to noise, it’s not the quietest space heater. However, it’s not distracting and is relatively discreet.

One surprising detail is that it doesn’t beep when you turn the dial. Some might find this a plus, while others may prefer their space heater beeping when they turn it off and on.

Although this Lasko space heater seems like a steal and a strong contender for the best overall heater, it’s mainly built for small or personal spaces where the user is nearby. It might warm up a medium-sized space, but in my experience, it took time to heat an entire room unlike the AVH10.

The 754201 clearly had limitations due to its size, and it can’t make up for what slightly larger and more powerful heaters can do. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect space heater to warm up a small room, a desk space, or an office cubicle.


  • Significantly cheaper than most space heaters
  • Offers good safety
  • Provides a compact and convenient design
  • Warms a small space effectively – making it the best space heater for small room


  • Inefficient in larger rooms

Bottom Line

The Lasko 754201 ceramic space heater is small but effective. You get complete and convenient features that prioritize safety for the small price you pay. However, given its small room coverage, it’s best used as a personal space heater.

3. Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 – Best for Large Rooms

Dr Infrared Heater DR-998, 1500W, Space Heater with Humidifier, Oscillation Fan & Remote Control (Cherry)
  • Can heat up a large room with Dual Heating System: Infrared Quartz tube + PTC. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection.Heating Coverage:400 sq.ft
  • Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air
  • Oscillation function distributes warmth throughout your entire area evenly and faster.Can be operated as a fan with humidifier or without , good for summer time
  • Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 85 degrees. Uses water bottle instead of water tank. Lifetime filter can be removed easily and cleaned. Cannot harm children or pets. Filter can be cleaned with warm water or a vacuum once removed from the back of the unit
  • The DR-998 Portable Infrared Space Heater is a 1500W portable heater featuring a dual-heating system with both infrared and ceramic heating elements inside. This heater comes with a Humidifier attachment as well as a remote for convenient use. The heater can be used with or without the humidifier, the humidifier can be run with or without the heating portion of the heater turned on, and the heater can also be run in fan-only mode. It comes with 4 durable caster wheels that allow the heater to move effortlessly from room to room.

If you’re looking to warm up a large room, the Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is a solid choice for its various features, capable heating capacity, and portable design. It’s a three-in-one device, acting as a space heater, humidifier, and fan.

It provides up to 1,500 watts of heat, a dual heating system, and a digital thermostat range of 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Regarding safety, you get automatic shut-off overheat protection, knock-over protection, and a safe-to-touch exterior.

The DR998 works well in large spaces since it’s an infrared heater. If you didn’t know, Infrared heaters (and radiant heaters) warm the objects around them rather than the air. As a result, the heat feels natural and stays longer in a room, even after turning the heater off.

Regarding heating coverage, it covers up to 400 square feet. However, I’ve tried the DR998 in bigger rooms and was surprised that it still heats up the whole room, though it takes a bit longer. Overall, the DR998 provides a satisfactory heating performance, warming up large spaces effectively and evenly.

As for the humidifier, it’s an excellent addition to the heater. It helps moisten the air when it becomes too hot and dry, making it perfect for the living room or a hot-yoga studio. However, the humidifier doesn’t produce enough humidity, so I recommend using this occasionally or as a spare.

Other notable features worth this heater’s cost include a 12-hour programmable timer, remote control, removable filter for easy maintenance, and an eco setting to help save energy.

If I were to nitpick, the retro and wood design might not be a flattering addition to some homes. It also weighs 26 pounds, making it heavier than most space heaters. However, the DR998’s wheels compensate for the heavy weight as they make it very easy to move.

For the noise level, it’s relatively quiet but noticeable. When running on high settings, the heater sounds as loud as a dishwasher, which is average for portable heaters.


  • Heats large rooms effectively and evenly
  • Serves as a space heater, humidifier, and fan
  • Offers a wide range of temperature
  • Provides good safety
  • Offers an eco setting
  • Includes a removable filter for easy maintenance


  • Gives a retro design that some might not like
  • Weighs more than most space heaters
  • On the pricey side

Bottom Line

The DR998 is the best space heater for large spaces, thanks to its quick and even heat distribution. Ultimately, you’ll find that the heater’s packed with features to help heat rooms better and save on energy.

4. Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater – Most Stylish

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater, Green, Whole Room
  • HEAT DIFFERENTLY — Gently heat all in the air in a small to medium-sized room through vortex air circulation without using intense heat, similar to how a forced air furnace works, just on a smaller scale..Mounting type:Floor Mount,Tabletop Mount
  • VINTAGE STYLE — Classic metal design inspired by the original Vornadofan from 1945.
  • HEAT EFFICIENTLY — Set your comfort with 2 heat settings (Low/750W, High/1500W) and an adjustable thermostat to tailor heat output and energy consumption.
  • HEAT SAFELY — Advanced safety features include tip-over protection and an automatic safety shut-off system for worry-free use.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — Backed by a 5-year and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS

The Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater tops our list in terms of aesthetics. It’s inspired by the original 1945 Vornadofan and sports a classic metal design with retro knobs, which blend well in any home or setting. This small electric space heater also includes a 47-degree pivoting head design, allowing you to direct hot air toward any area.

Don’t let the VHEAT’s looks fool you regarding its capabilities. This space heater provides two heat settings (High/1,500W and Low/750W) and an adjustable thermostat, which you can easily control via a toggle switch to save energy consumption. These settings deliver warm air circulation to a small to medium-sized room using a quiet fan.

The VHEAT warms up a room rather quickly for its heating performance despite its small size. After using it in a medium-sized room, it raised the temperature by 4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is impressive given the room size.

Other notable perks of the VHEAT include the tip-over and overheating protection, five-year warranty, and a customer service team.

Although the VHEAT provides a highly stylish and capable heater, it still has a few flaws that some might not like. For one, it’s generally quiet on a low setting, but putting it on high produces sounds nearing 60 decibels, which is quite noticeable. It’s an acceptable noise volume in most cases, but light sleepers might find this uncomfortable.

Another downside to the VHEAT is its price. It’s a bit costy compared to the Dr. Infrared Heater DR998, while providing similar specs and performance. However, if you prefer an aesthetic heater, then the Vornado VHEAT Vintage heater is perfect for its design, performance, and durability.


  • Stylish look that fits any home and setting
  • Sturdy and portable design
  • Includes a pivoting head design for changing airflow direction
  • Heats a space quickly


  • Not suitable for larger rooms
  • A bit costy for its size and performance
  • Slightly noisy at high settings

Bottom Line

Overall, the Vornado VHEAT Vintage heater is a powerful, aesthetic machine that quickly warms small spaces. It’s the perfect choice for those who prioritize style, comfort, durability, and decent performance.

5. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 – Most Advanced

No products found.

Among the space heaters on this list, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 is the most technically advanced heater and has the most robust features. You get a triple-function device that works as a heater, cooling fan, and air purifier for a somewhat hefty price tag.

Other advanced features include a voice control mechanism, an in-app control, a HEPA filter, and others that I’ll break down below.

Regarding functionality, the Dyson HP02 provides a hot (heater) and cool (fan) setting. You can set a specific temperature for the heater and a level of intensity for the fan.

Also, it uses a jet focus control to either spread or focus the air in a specific direction. Meanwhile, its Air Multiplier™ technology gives the space a continuous stream of purified air.

Compared to the other space heaters on this list, the HP02 isn’t as powerful, but it still delivers quick, even, and focused heat worthy of its price. Plus, I checked its noise level, and this space heater operates quietly even at a high fan speed. So no wonder it received a Quiet Mark accreditation.

As for its fan, it doesn’t work like an air conditioner. Instead, it cools the airflow, which helps maintain a suitable room temperature.

Aside from the heater and fan, the Dyson HP02 boasts a HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of allergens and impurities, including ultrafine particles like dust, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander.

This space heater also allows you to link to the Dyson app, use voice control via Amazon Echo, and control it using a remote control. You can control some advanced features via these controls, such as a sleep timer, night-time mode, and auto mode.

Unfortunately, the HP02 doesn’t include most space heaters’ typical safety features. The reason may be that it’s a three-in-one device and not solely a heater. And although these safety details would’ve been a good addition for better protection, the machine already has a bladeless design and PTPA seal of approval.


  • Provides decent heat settings and distribution
  • Operates quietly
  • Bladeless, PTPA seal of approval
  • Includes HEPA filter to purify the air
  • Allows control via app, voice, and remote control
  • Offers plenty of robust tech features


  • Pricey
  • Lacks some safety features

Bottom Line

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 offers plenty of features and functionality you don’t see in most space heaters, including tech features that add convenience to users. Overall, the HP02 is an excellent heater for those who need a three-in-one device with advanced technologies, an air purifier, and a cooling fan.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Space Heater

When shopping for the best small space heater, consider the following to find the best one for you and avoid flashy features without much connection to heating.

Safety Features

The National Fire Protection Association highlights that heaters contribute to 44% of home heating fires. Therefore, when purchasing space heaters, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Look for products with robust heat protection features and built-in safety mechanisms such as tip-over and overheating protection, which can automatically shut down the unit in case of emergencies. However, for a more reliable and comprehensive solution, consider engaging with the best heating service available in your area. Their expertise can not only ensure the safety and efficiency of your heating system but also offer insights into potential upgrades or repairs, providing a long-term solution that mitigates the risk associated with relying solely on space heaters.

Also, check if any third-party organizations have tested and certified the product as safe. Specifically, look for an insignia from independent testing laboratories like the Underwriters Laboratories, Electrical Testing Laboratories, and Canadian Standards Association.

Heat Capacity

If you want to warm a room or area quicker, choose a high-wattage space heater to produce hot air efficiently. Regardless of size, a good heater should produce a 1,500-watt output. Note that a higher wattage provides higher heat output. Also, get a model with a fan for uniform heat distribution.

Compact Design

Thanks to their size, space heaters fit well in small spaces. So, if you don’t have enough area to place your electric heater, consider getting one with a compact and lightweight design for portability. Choose from several shapes and sizes to suit your room or area.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list helped you learn about the best space heaters for 2022 and narrow down your choices. In my opinion, the Vornado AVH10 is a good all-rounder regarding features, performance, and price.

However, if you can spend a bit more, check out the other high-end models on the list, like the Vornado VHEAT Vintage heater and the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02.

Although all of the space heaters above are excellent choices, remember that the best space heater for you is the one that answers your heating needs. Ultimately, always choose the safest space heater in your options to avoid a safety risk.

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