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  • Are you new to Paleo and struggling to find recipes that your family will eat?

  • Do you have picky eaters who never seem to finish their plate?

  • Do you want to learn how to Paleo-fy your favorite recipes that you thought you had to give up when you went Paleo?

  • Do you miss the recipes you once loved, like Southern Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Battered Onion Rings, Key Lime Pie, Ranch Dressing,  and Fried Ice cream, and wish you could enjoy them again?


When I started the Paleo diet 4 years ago, it was a last ditch attempt to save myself from pre-diabetes, mental anxiety and depression.

Within 6 short months, I had lost 65lbs and for the first time in years my brain with “humming with happiness.”  At that moment I knew I would be “Paleo for Life”.

I was soon overwhelmed by the positive response and support from so many of you out there who are taking control of your health but miss the recipes that you grew up with.

So many of you shared that you just wanted to be able to give your child the gift of knowing the simple joy of a cookie  . . .

You know what I mean . . .

The soft chocolate chip cookies you shared with your mom hot out of the oven.  The sweet and sour meatballs that you got every time you visited your favorite Chinese restaurant.  The key lime pie your grandmother made every time she visited. 

These recipes aren’t just fuel for the body.

They are beloved caretakers of some of our favorite childhood memories. . .



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  • 113 Easy-To-Follow Recipes (92 of which cannot be found anywhere else – not even on my blog)
  •  10 Invigorating Breakfast Dishes (Start your family’s day with a bang, serving foods from fluffy French toast to breakfast cereal)
  •  27 Satisfying Dinner Recipes (Go nearly a full month without eating the same entrée twice)
  •  17 Can’t-Miss Sides and Salads (Pairing suggestions are included)
  •  24 “Too-Good-To-Be-True” Desserts (Learn how to use honey, maple syrup, and the natural sweetness of fruit to make your favorite sweet treats)
  •  18 Must-Have Pantry Recipes (These homemade condiments allow you to whip up delicious meals in a flash)
  •  5 Refreshing Drinks (Your kids won’t even want obesity-causing soda once they try this strawberry coconut milk)
  •  Complete Holiday Meals (Special recipes for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Birthday Celebrations are all included).
  •  Simple, Straightforward Instruction and Ingredients that ensure you’ll spend less time cooking and more time eating
  •  Pictures of How Each Dish Should Look (So you’ll know you’ve got it right)

Transitioning to a paleo-friendly diet can be intimidating.  You may wind up buying new ingredients you’ve never used before – some of which can be pretty darn expensive.  To help you navigate these waters and smoothly transition your family to this diet I’ve included a few special sections.

In these sections you will discover:

  • 13 Ways to Go Paleo Without Breaking the Bank (Follow these tips and keep that food budget as low as humanly possible)
  • How to Find the Freshest, Cleanest Vegetables (You may be eating chemical-ridden veggies without even knowing it!)
  • How to Work with Paleo Ingredients (Don’t let things like “coconut flour” intimidate you, and learn to work these ingredients like a master chef)
  • How to Rescue A Culinary Disaster (If something comes out “not-quite-right” you’ll know how to find the culprit and even salvage the dish)
  • How to Recreate Your Own Family Recipes and make them paleo-friendly (without sacrificing flavor)
  • Tips for Stocking Your Paleo Pantry (You won’t have to run out for new ingredients every time you cook)

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“This was one of the most amazing things I have ever made. My husband and children could not get enough of it. In fact, I doubled the recipe and there really wasn’t a whole lot left over (I do have two growing boys who can eat quite a lot). 🙂 I don’t usually even like meatballs and I loved it!! Great job! This one is a keeper. Can’t wait until the cookbook comes out so I can try more!” ~ Tayna

“This was amazing!!! A great side dish to go with any meal! My 2 year old even ate it!” ~Amy

” YUM! Even my coconut-hating 12-year-old gave it two thumbs up!” ~Joanne

“Cucumber salad was AMAZING. Nobody knew it was so healthy they thought I used OTC ranch. HAHA!”  ~ Sharon

paleo recipe cookbook

There’s no better time to get your family eating fresh, healthy foods that completely satisfy junk food cravings.  So order Paleo Eats today, right now, and transform every family meal into a healthy, joyful event.

Your Friend,



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