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Last Updated on February 8, 2024

The countless benefits of essential oils can’t go unnoticed, but with the wide variety on the market, it’s hard to decide which essential oil brand to trust, especially with many brands executing formulas that defy the purposes of essential oils, to begin with, like adding fragrances.

I’ve tried and tested many products when I was researching the best essential oil brands. My quest ended with an informed decision that Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is the best brand. 

Woman putting rocky montain essential oils on her hand with some oil, a candle and flowers on a table top.

Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) was established by a group of wellness enthusiasts who were persistent in providing pure and safe essential oils to the market at a cost-effective price. Today, they’re one of the leading essential oil companies worldwide, and they continue to expand their product offerings with purposely-built products.

Once you try them, you won’t go back, and I’m here to tell you why.

four rocky mountain essetial oils in a line - lemon, peppermint, eucalyptuc, fitness


  • 90-day return policy
  • Discounts for professionals using the oils in their practices
  • Sustainability is at the core of their operations, even in the packaging
  • GC/MS tests verify the purity of the oils
  • Free shipping in the U.S. for orders above $25


  • Relatively pricey products
  • Some products don’t effectively serve their purpose

Things to Consider Before Buying Essential Oils

Understand What an Essential Oil Is

Essential oils are plant-distilled concentrated oils carrying the same benefits of the plants. A lot of brands promote fragrance oil as an essential oil, so you need to know the difference.

Fragrance oils are synthetic and don’t provide any beneficial features. Accordingly, they’re more cost-effective to produce since many artificial substances go into their dilution.

Latin Name

Most plant species that high-quality essential oils are derived from have Latin names. You should find the plant species denoted, like “Lavandula Angustifolia,” for lavender essential oil. 


Essential oils are extremely concentrated. Once you open the bottle, you should be faced with a potent smell right away. If you sense any alcohol, steer clear! 


Essential oils are naturally pricey because they require large amounts of plant matter to be produced. If the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably not pure essential oil. 

The 5 Best Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

1. Breathe Ease

Rocky Mountain Oils Breathe Ease Essential Oil Blend - y Essential Oils for Diffuser, Topical, and Home - Calming and Relief Blend - 15ml
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend: Our Breathe Ease blends a unique and professional combination of Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine, and Marjoram. These boosting essential oils can help you go from stuffed up to sighing with relief.
  • Diffuse: Adding a few drops in any essential oil diffusers or humidifier can promote your body's ability to breathe normally when feeling stuffy. Our calming essential oils help to make it easier to get full, deep breaths.
  • Topical: Breathe Ease is an essential oil that promotes respiratory health. Use a carrier oil or make a chest rub with our therapeutic grade respiratory relief oil to ease and clear stuffiness, soothe tension, and have an overall soothing effect.
  • Testing Like No Other: Sourced from sustainable farms around the globe, our oils are rigorously and independently tested 3 times before it reaches your hands. We are committed to bringing you only the best, so you can rest assured that all of our products are 100% pure and effective
  • Our Promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today.

“Take a deep breath” is what we always tell ourselves and others when we’re stressed out, upset, or need a break. What if that deep breath of fresh air was available in a product? That’s what the Breathe Ease essential oil blend offers you!

I’m a woman who stresses out quite often. Sometimes it gets awful that I just feel super stuffed up and can’t really breathe well, and I always thought that it was just something psychological that I can’t really do anything for. However, when I tried Breathe Ease, I found out that I was wrong all along.

This oil blend is made of respiratory-boosting essential oils, including Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Pine, Spruce, Ravintsara, Peppermint, and Marjoram. So, whether you suffer from allergy, have asthma, catch frequent cases of flu, or simply suffer any condition that clogs up your respiratory tracts, Breathe Ease will make breathing a breeze with no effort.

It actually helps me from the very minute I open the bottle, where I’m greeted with a menthol-like, soothing aroma; I just feel like something is happening inside my body. And it turns out that’s actually true! The oil components boost the body’s capability to break down mucus or phlegm, especially if you have harsh coughs.

I always keep a bottle around because winters are very hard on me. Whenever I start feeling any cold symptoms or general breathing issues when things are rough, this is my backbone that supports my immunity.

2. Tummy Rub

Rocky Mountain Oils Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend with 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils for Diffuser and Topical - Digestive Oil, Pain Aid Essential Oil - 15ml
  • Essential oil blend for digestion: Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend has a soothing, minty-fresh, clean aroma; The blend combines Peppermint, Fennel, Juniper Berry, Ginger Root, Cypress, and Frankincense in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Diffuse: With its soothing and calming aroma, use any aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils to diffuse Tummy Rub to help combat bouts of nausea, diffuse before or after meals to soothe the system, help digest food, and combat bloating; Also, an excellent stress relief oil to diffuse
  • Topical: Relieve stomach discomfort and symptoms of constipation; Massage the oil into the abdomen area in a clockwise direction for rapid relief, or apply a few drops to your temples and throat to help promote feelings of relaxation, aid in digestion; Apply behind the ears to assist with nausea
  • Testing like no other: Sourced from sustainable farms around the globe, our oils are rigorously and independently tested 3 times before it reaches your hands; We are committed to bringing you only the best, so you can rest assured that all of our products are 100% pure and effective
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today

The Tummy Rub by Rocky Mountain Essential oils is hands down one of my favorite products ever. For the longest time, I’ve had issues with my digestive system. My stomach was always upset and queasy, and the pain never ended. I even had to visit doctors and hospitals, but with no luck. Never did I imagine that an essential oil would work!

Its name is what caught my attention the first time, and I thought, why not? So I bought it, and I followed the instructions and rubbed it on my stomach –– expecting nothing. To my surprise, within just 15 minutes, my stomach was actually feeling better.

Since then, it’s been my go-to for all things digestive system-related. Whether it’s heartburn, cramps, bloating, indigestion issues, gas, or other, there’s nothing the Tummy Rub can’t handle. My mom always used to advise me to drink these herbs and weird-tasting drinks, and I would always refuse, although I was sure they’d help.

Now, I don’t have to either refuse or accept since the Tummy Rub employs those same remedies but provides them in a bottle of essential oil instead. The components going into this blend include Peppermint, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Anise, Fennel, and Tarragon, all put together in a Wild Fractionated Coconut base Oil.

Because sharing is caring, this product works best when you rub it directly into your abdomen area in a clockwise direction. Alternatively, you could apply a couple of drops to your temples and throat for relaxation.

3. The Essential Kit

Rocky Mountain Oils The Essentials Kit - Includes 100% Pure Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Essential Oil - Topical, and Cleaning - 5ml
  • The essentials: Perfect for any essential oil user, whether just starting or a seasoned user; With a sampler of our best-selling staple essential oils, you’ll be able to improve your overall health and wellbeing through diffusion, topical application, and household use
  • Brightens: Our orange and lemon essential oils have vibrant and robust citrus aromas; Our orange essential oil is gentle for any skin care routine; It stimulates a cheerful mood, while lemon brightens perfumes and DIY products for your home with its refreshing scent
  • For skin and hair care: Our tea tree and rosemary essential oils are strong, yet gentle to use in skin and hair care routines; A perfect addition to your DIY bath bombs and massage oil for massage therapy, soap making, and hair tonics; Diffuse to reduce mental and emotional exhaustion or to help purify the air
  • Uplifts the mood: Our Peppermint essential oil helps alleviate mental fatigue; It eases overwhelming emotions, while our lavender essential oil has a calming effect; Apply Peppermint topically with a carrier oil to relieve headaches and tension, or add Lavender to linen sprays; The perfect combination before bed
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today

What if you’re just exploring the waters of essential oils, and you’re not seeking any particular purpose out of them? Rocky Mountain Essential oils has just the thing for you –– its Essentials Kit. Including Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Tea Tree, and Rosemary, you’ll be able to try out these best-seller 5 ml samplers and pinpoint which ones you’d actually like to invest in habitually.

Personally, I like to mix and match these essential oils to get creative with aromas and create a sensorial atmosphere for myself. Because I find this kit so inclusive, I’ve also gifted several of my friends with it on their birthdays, and they absolutely loved it. 

They’re not just for aromas, though. Everyone I know uses these oils differently. Some use them for general well-being by diffusing them, some for home care, and others topically apply them, so it’s totally up to you to use them in a way that seems convenient. 

I also love that each of these essentials oils serves a different function. My favorites are the Peppermint oil and Tea Tree oil. Peppermint oil is associated with alleviating mental fatigue –– so if you’ve been feeling unproductive, this one can boost your energy when you apply it to your skin with a carrier oil. It also works wonders with relieving headaches.

As for Tea Tree, I love the magic it does on my hair and skin. It’s become an integral part of my routines! Try this kit out to know your favorites too.

rocky mountain essential oil every day blend kit

 4. Every Day Blend Kit

Rocky Mountain Oils - Everyday Blends Kit - Includes 100% Pure Citrus Blend, Immune Strength, First Aid, at Peace, Purify, and Breathe Ease Essential Oil Blends - 5 ml Bottles
  • Enjoy our must-have blends every day with the Everyday Blends Kit! This kit is perfect for any essential oil lover, including beginners and experienced users. With six convenient 5ml bottles, this kit makes it easy for you to experience the benefits of essential oils and care for your family in a safe, natural way.
  • By incorporating these everyday blends into your life, you can balance your emotions, improve your overall health, keep your home clean, and more. Try using these blends through diffusion, topical application, and household use.
  • DIFFUSION - Add these blends to a diffuser to freshen the room and receive their therapeutic benefits. We recommend 5-10 drops of the oil per every 100 ml's of water.
  • TOPICAL - When added to a carrier oil and applied to the skin, these blends can offer their therapeutic benefits. We generally recommend 1-3 drops of E.O. per 1/2 teaspoon carrier oil.
  • AROMA - Each of these blends offer a unique and fresh aroma.

I’m always all in when it comes to Rocky Mountain Essential Oil’s kits, and I find myself recommending them to both beginners and experienced essential oils lovers, but especially beginners. This kit includes six 5ml bottles of essential oil blends that give you a first-hand taste of the benefits of essential oils.

You get the Citrus Blend, Immune Strength, First Aid, At Peace, Purify, and Breathe Ease oil blends that when you “blend” into your day to day life, you end up relaxed. They’ll address every need you may have, just as they did mine.

Since I covered Breathe Ease, let me tell you about the rest. The At Peace blend comes in handy when my anxiety is taking over and won’t let me sleep. It manages to calm me down, soothe my anxiety, and relax my body so that it’ll allow me to rest.

Citrus Blend and Purify are my purifiers –– I either use them to create hand soap or as a diffuser in the house to freshen up and purify the air. They have a lovely fragrance, a bright citrus-citronella one, which is just right for me. As for First Aid, as its name implies, I use it for sore muscles, scars, and stretch marks (and it works!)

Lastly, Immune Strength is great for boosting the immunity system, preventing inflammations, pain-relieving, and more. I actually don’t use it a lot because it needs to be diluted, but a lot of people I know use it for their skin. 

Rocky mountain essential oils every day blend kit

5. Sacred Frankincense

Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure and Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Diffusers, Topical Massage Oil for Massage Therapy and Skin Care, and Household - 15ml
  • 100% Pure essential oil: Sacred Frankincense is the rarest of the Frankincense varieties; This precious oil features a medium-strength balsamic, warm, woody, and slightly spicy aroma; Sacred Frankincense is a part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Skin Care and Wellness collections
  • Diffuse: Sacred Frankincense is well known for its powerful grounding properties; Diffuse Sacred Frankincense to enhance deep meditation, and help balance emotions; Diffuse with any aromatherapy diffuser for support with daily stressors
  • Topical: The constituents in Sacred Frankincense make it a must-have for your skincare regimen; Add to your daily skincare routine to help tone, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin; The therapeutic properties of Sacred Frankincense may also help help with the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Household: With strong purifying properties, Sacred Frankincense is a wonderful addition to any household; Add a few drops to any cleaner to naturally help purify and deodorize any space
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today

If you’re looking for top-notch quality Frankincense, you won’t find any better than Rocky Mountain Essential Oils’ Sacred Frankincense sourced from Oman. 

When you dilute this oil with a carrier oil or shea butter, your chances are very high of improving your skin’s appearance. 

If you’re a recent mother, recently lost weight, or simply had cellulite and stretch marks for as long as you recall, this Sacred Frankincense helps you tone and tighten your skin while minimizing and fading the appearance of scars. That applies to both new and old scars, which is against what most similar products offer, claiming that only recent scars or stretch marks can fade.

Moreover, quite a unique use for Frankincense is that it works for meditation. I know a couple of people who rely on it to balance out their emotions and eliminate their feelings of loneliness or grief. In other words, it can be used to fight any stressors or triggers.

In general, Frankincense is a rare oil that isn’t easy to find. Actually, it’s among the most therapeutic and sought-after essential oils worldwide. Accordingly, I’m genuinely impressed with Rocky Mountain Essential oils’ ability to source it from Oman, the only place where it’s found, and continuously offer it among its offerings. That’s how keen they are on maintaining our wellness!

If you’re wondering, the Sacred Frankincense boasts a medium-strength balsamic, warm, rich, sweet, slightly spicy aroma, which is yet another unique feature about it. You can’t pinpoint exactly how it smells, but it’s a base fragrance note.

rokcy mountain essential oils sacred frankencense

What Others Had To Say About Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

When I was first doing my research and came across Rocky Mountain’s Essential Oils, I had already become very hectic with the number of products that I had tried and got disappointed. From brands claiming to offer pure essential oils all the way to disappointing quantities or packaging, I was just fed up.

Just like anyone else, word of mouth is what got to me. I came across countless reviews that were extremely positive, and the idea that customers took the time to write down their reviews and how the essential oils affected their lives motivated me to try them.


1. Flu Time

Rocky Mountain Oils Flu Time Essential Oil Blend with 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Oils for Topical Use - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - 15ml
  • Soothing essential oil blend: Congested airways, constant sniffles, achy muscles, and restless nights; These are just some of the symptoms of seasonal colds and the flu; Protect yourself and your family with the help of our Flu Time Immunity Essential Oil Blend
  • Extra support: Flu Time combines natural essential oils to help support your body's natural response; Diffuse Flu Time at home or around the office to protect yourself from getting sick in the first place
  • Feel better: If you do end up catching something, Flu Time can help ease your symptoms' severity and aid in your body's natural healing process; Flu Time's spicy and minty aroma is perfect for easing head tension, relieving congested airways, expelling trapped phlegm, soothing a sore throat, quieting a cough, and more
  • Versatile: Simply diffuse Flu Time around you, or apply topically as needed; This powerful combination of Frankincense, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon Bark, Lime, Ginger, and Lavender essential oils can help you avoid being miserable while sick and get you back to feeling yourself faster
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today

If you don’t get around to Breathe Ease, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils‘ Flu Time is a cold substitute. This one also helps with constant sniffles, congested airways, and restless nights where even taking a breath requires effort. Flu Time contains germ-fighting essential oils to strengthen your immune system and fight cold and flu.

  • Ideal for those who catch the sickness bug often
  • Eases flu symptoms
  • Eases head tension

2. Attention Assist

Rocky Mountain Oils Attention Assist Essential Oil Blend with 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils - Energizing Essential Oil for Focus - 15ml
  • Energy and focus essential oil blend: Attention Assist is a blend of Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender, and Cedarwood essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil; It has a bold, woodsy, and earthy aroma that awakens and grounds the mind
  • Diffuse: Expertly crafted to help clear cobwebs, keep your mind grounded, and keep your thoughts clear so that you can start checking items off of your To-Do list; It works particularly well when dealing with tense situations, thus allowing you to stay grounded
  • Topical: For a quick energy boost, dilute and apply topically to the bottom of the feet, the back of the neck, temples, or forehead to boost focus; Re-apply several times a day as needed
  • Testing like no other: Sourced from sustainable farms around the globe, our oils are rigorously and independently tested 3 times before it reaches your hands; We are committed to bringing you only the best, so you can rest assured that all of our products are 100% pure and effective
  • Our promise: Through our S.A.A.F.E. Promise, we have created an exceptionally high standard of quality built on a culture of caring that’s unrivaled in the essential oils industry today

If you’re not a fan of Peppermint oil but still want to boost your energy, Attention Assist should be your go-to. This is a pick for energy and focus purposes. It’ll fortify your mend, clear mental cobwebs, and calms your emotions, especially anger.

  • Enables you to stay grounded in stressful and tense situations
  • Makes you more productive
  • Has an earthy aroma that keeps you active

3. Joint Support

For a more specialized version of First Aid solely for joints and muscles, Joint Support is the one. Being part of the Rocky Mountains Oil Relief Collection, this blend helps relax overused joints and muscles in no time. Not to mention it features a super pleasant lemony, menthol-like aroma.

  • Effective muscle relief
  • Puts an end to aches and soreness
  • Ideal for aromatherapy

Final Thoughts

Ever since I started using Rocky Mountain Essential Oils a couple of months ago, I never looked back; they’re my exclusive pick now. This is truly a brand I carry utmost respect for, for their pure, high-quality essential oils, their authenticity when balancing quantity versus price, and their transparency about how their products are tested.

Also, I’m a big fan of their no questions asked 90-day return policy that allows you to refund your product even if you’ve opened it, and they have a Free Rewards Program in place where you earn credit for future purchases! Could it get better?

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