Best Health Insurance For International Students In UK

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Last Updated on October 7, 2023

Scholars troupe into the United Kingdom from every country around the world, all in a bid to obtain the premium quality level of education the country is well known for. The UK not only offers international students a chance at some of the finest learning experience in the world but also provides them with top-level health care during the duration of their study.

A common phenomenon amongst foreign scholars is the misconception that health insurance is a programme they can go through tertiary institution without a need for. This belief usually has them ignorant of the fundamentals or benefits associated with the UK healthcare system, a scenario that always leaves scholars in a fix when health emergencies occur. This write-up provides useful information on health insurance UK with respect to foreign scholars, therefore ensuring great health throughout your study duration overseas.


Roles Of GP

Due to the scornful view of cheating in academic papers, students scour the internet in search of a decent free plagiarism checker to help access the words to pages of their academic write up. Many a time, scholars check out cheap essay writing service UK WritingPeak in a bid to obtain free plagiarism check or are in need of one of the best free grammar checker. Most foreign scholars not pivotal to the knowledge of study tools find that trying to keep up with the academic task and meet up with deadlines, puts a mental and physical strain on an individual. This inadvertently leads to poor health and minor illnesses.

Having signed up with your institutional provided GP can help in such scenarios. They help provide simple medical care to students and perform house calls.

Why International Students Need NHS

Making NHS available for foreign scholars in the UK helps to reduce the cost of studying abroad. It’s an important part of the nations aim to provide not just quality education but also the well-being of its scholars. Just like useful writing tools such as words to pages converter which is only helpful to students after acquiring knowledge of how many words on a double spaced page is to be provided on a project. The same principle applies to the health insurance coverage, it’s an important part of easier study life, but can only be beneficial when you have knowledge of its policies and health care services coverage.

Services Covered By The UK Healthcare System

As foreign scholars under the National Health Service (NHS), you enjoy cover on health services such as medical/dental appointments and treatment.

Eligibility For Services

To be eligible for the NHS, you have to own a valid Tier 4 student visa and are currently undergoing a course study of at least 6 months. A health insurance surcharge would initially accompany the fee charged for obtaining your student visa, though certain scenarios entitle you to a  refund of this.

Signing Up For NHS

As scholars in lands alien to them, foreign scholars are strongly advised to sign up for NHS services with a college recommended a medical practitioner. A basic registration process, which involves you turning in a formal identification letter from your college and a recent passport, is what’s required of you as an international student in a UK.


The acceptance of your request for an NHS would depend solely on the legitimacy of your documents and the willingness of the health practitioner to accept responsibility of taking you on as a patient. After all necessary documents and procedures have been formulated, you would receive a mail containing your NHS card, which bears your NHS number etched on it.


Your health care insurance fully covers the cost of drugs provided by your GP. Drugs prescribed by your GP on the other hand usually have limitations to them. Certain countries such as Wales and Scotland take no charge for prescription medications. While residents of England only get a free charge if they are below the ages of nineteen and undergoing a full-time course study.

Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies are easily sorted out by visiting the ER. For extreme cases where an ambulance is needed, scholars are advised to place calls to the 999 hotline in such scenarios.

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