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Becoming a mom was not only a blessed life changing event but it was an eye opener to all the new fangled baby products on the market. Baby bottles, diapers, sippy cups, car seats, stollers, cribs, food and clothing are just a taste of what you have to figure out when children enter your life. Every parent wants to make sure that the products are safe, functional and a good value for their dollar so they turn online and read baby product reviews to help with their decision.

At least that’s what I did. Although, I can count on my fingers and toes the number of times I found a baby product I really loved, searched for information online and come up with nothing useful. As an eco-conscious mom I want to know if the product is bpa-free, organic if it’s a food item, safe and functional. I also love when an item is educational and is something your child can grow into over the years.

Baby products are ever evolving and you as a parent will change your opinion about what products you buy as you grow along with your child. I remember pre-baby, I was convinced that I was only going to cloth diaper, baby wear, buy only wood toys and make my baby food. Enter my child and I ditched cloth diapering, love my stroller and often buy easy on the go baby food products for him. I also gave up my stance on only wood toys after stepping barefoot on sharped corner hard wood blocks for over a month. This is in addition to my worry of my child falling on his face on a wooden toy. There are some amazing bpa free plastic toys out there that are soft, safe and a better fit for my family

Again, I only share on my site honest baby product reviews that focus in on the company, the product details and the pros and cons.

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