Save Money on Cooking Appliances With These Tips

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Last Updated on April 17, 2023

From crockpots and coffee makers to microwaves and bread machines – making the most of your time in the kitchen can soon add up in terms of price. 

No matter how much you love cooking on a stovetop, some recipes and methods need to have specific tools to get the best of the meal. 

he real issue is that sometimes kitchen appliances can be costly, and when you can invest in them, you need to make sure they are kept in good working order and protected. Considering buying them at Smiths City would be a smart choice.

When you buy any home appliances, you should ensure that you have a home warranty that covers them, and this goes for your kitchen appliances. 

So how can you make the most of your budget and still get the kitchen appliances that you need? 

From crockpots and coffee makers to microwaves and bread machines - making the most of your time in the kitchen can soon add up in terms of price. 

Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash

What you really need

Some models have all of the modern and, in some cases, unnecessary options and settings. They are great and usually look fantastic – but will they do what you need them to do? 

Consider what features you need the most, not the ones that are a nice extra feature to have. 

This will automatically see you shopping in the lower price category. 

It isn’t a bad idea to opt for a machine that has added extras; in fact, they can be great – like coffee machines with automatic timers. It is about what matters the most to you. 

But a fancy screen and seven extra buttons won’t make the bread taste better, so carefully consider what goes on the non-negotiable list. 

Older models

Newer models always cost extra cash, and sometimes it’s not worth it. Again they often add additional features that are nice to have. But, at the end of the day, if you are looking at a crockpot, then what you really need is one with just a few temperature settings and is reliable to work all day. 

Older models of appliances will do the job just as well as the new ones and cost a lot less. 

Older models usually drop in price in the run-up to Christmas as new ones are released, and again in the Jan-March sales.


Every once in a while, a brand will launch a deal where they combine a number of their best-selling appliances. The combination purchase can offer a significant price reduction, and you can get two of their leading machines for a great deal less than usual. 

Another reason that package deals are great is that they can give your kitchen the look of cohesion and be aesthetically pleasing! 

Before you get seduced by a great price, though, make sure that you work out what the items would cost individually – and if you can get them somewhere else cheaper. 

Dents and Scratches

Consider if your new appliance needs to look perfect. A dent or a scratch on the body will often have no bearing on how the product works. 

Yet, these minor blemishes can offer some of the most significant savings when you are shopping for kitchen appliances. 

If you don’t see any models with a tag saying that they have a superficial mark, you can ask a staff member. Often, when the products arrive, several have dents and scratches, so they don’t make it to the showroom floor. 

Further to this, if you are happy to have a floor model, these too can have significant discounts. It can be as simple as that item doesn’t have the box, or again it has some minor superficial damage that means it wouldn’t fetch the retail price. 


While some brands have incredibly low prices, they don’t always have the reliability that you need. So you may end up paying a lower price initially but will need to replace it soon after – costing double and more. 

You ideally want to have a kitchen appliance that will last years and years, not just a few years, and needs to be replaced. 

It is always worth saving up to afford a more reliable brand. 

Consider the up-keep

Some kitchen appliances have particular parts that can only be maintained or replaced with the official part. When this happens, you can find you are spending a lot. Look for products that have washable parts or parts that can be replaced with non-brand items. 

And finally, try not to purchase an item that you might only use once or twice a year. The value you get from this isn’t ideal. 

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