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My little guy turned 6 months yesterday and as I was gazing with adoring love at my little miracle, I caught a glimpse of my kangaroo pouch and groaned.

I’ve followed a primal lifestyle for 3 years and I love it. When I started following the diet, I lost 50 pounds, pretty effortlessly to be honest, and then I got pregnant.

I had all these crazy ideas that 3 months postpartum I would be sporting a six-pack from my diet and the extra calories my body is burning to breastfeed.  Wrong. Of course, if I had actually been eating on plan instead of eating candy everyday and going through corn like a silkworm, I might be a little closer to my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Anyhow, I’m back on track.  I cleaned my diet up and I’ve convinced a couple of family members and friends to participate in a challenge where the winner gets the cash of pot of $175 (hello Ipod I’ve fantasizing about for the last 3 months).

Now on to workouts.  I don’t have a gym membership in the budget and my husband still looks like a deer in headlights when I suggest leaving him alone with our progeny, so this means stroller walks or work out videos.  Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for 10+ years, yes, you get used to the rain but I hate walking in it.  Walking in the mall is a great option but more than likely I would end up spending money I don’t have at the Gap or Starbucks.  So I did some searching and found some great free workouts online .  Here’s a list of my favorite spots.

Youtube is the Mecca of free workout videos.  You can literally type in a search for any type of workout and find it.  Some of my favorite channels are:

BlogilatesTV – Free pilates classes.  I think I already mentioned my belly right?

Kettlebell Queen – I love my kettlebell.  Again, I love my kettle bell and while I can afford Lauren’s dvds, she does have a couple of quick workouts on her page.  My favorite one is the Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout.

BodyRock.Tv – Charlie James is the fittest woman I’ve seen online.  Yes,every video has some snap shot of her butt or her boobs and abs but the work outs are killer.  If you can finish one of these and not be almost ready to fall over I salute you!

Yoga Today –  They also have a website where you can sign up for their free membership and watch their weekly class.  They do have a couple of full length videos on Youtube so browse and the zen out.

Jenny Ford Fitness – She’s got some awesome step and cardio workouts.

After you’ve exhausted Youtube here are a couple of sites that also offer full length free workouts online :

My Free Yoga
Yoga Journal 
GaiamTv – They offer a free 10 day trial on their fitness video streaming.
Fitness Magazine

Also, let’s not forget the humble library.  My library has an assortment of workout videos I can check out and they also have a service that lets you watch online.


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      The primal diet-I’ve heard of it. I somehow stumbled on it about a year ago. I haven’t tried it, but subscribed to the author’s email (he has a book and an extensive website).

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    Great post! I wish I had space to workout at home, but then my kids would be watching me and thinking aliens have taken me over! I need to get back into going to the gym, but first I have to find one in our new city that I want to go to!

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    I just found this article after googlng kettlebells. Nice job in listing the free workouts. And Zuzana (BodyRockTV) broke away from them sometime late 2011 and she has her own you tube channel. A lady named Lisa Marie replaced her. I’m starting to use ExerciseTV more via my cable channel. You’re right: they also have some free ones on their website. I went to my local library a couple of months ago & got some nice freebies. I’m now researching beginning kettlebell workouts. Take care & thanks!

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