Considering Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Last Updated on August 8, 2021

Did you know that almost one-third of people are unhappy with the way their teeth look? If you count yourself as part of this population, you shouldn't rule out orthodontic treatment, even as an adult. Here's what you need to know.

Did you know that almost one-third of people are unhappy with the way their teeth look? If you count yourself as part of this population, you shouldn’t rule out orthodontic treatment, even as an adult. Here’s what you need to know.

Orthodontic Treatment Fixes More Than Aesthetics

While aesthetics may be the primary reason you choose to pursue orthodontic treatment as an adult, it certainly isn’t the only one you should consider. In fact, most orthodontists will tell you that this kind of treatment can help you fix much more than a few crooked teeth. The second most common reason for braces is to fix an overbite, after all. So not only will you come away from your treatment with better-looking teeth, but it’s also possible that you could improve your jaw alignment and function. And orthodontic treatment can also help you improve the health of your mouth. When your teeth are aligned properly, it becomes much easier to clean them thoroughly. Misaligned and overlapping teeth can more easily hide bacteria and contribute to plaque buildup. Straightening your teeth may actually make it much easier to improve your oral hygiene. Even though aesthetics are a big part of orthodontic treatment, don’t discount the other benefits that come with it.

Traditional Metal Braces Aren’t the Only Treatment Option

Just because you decide to pursue orthodontic treatment as an adult doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to metal wires and brackets in your mouth. In fact, some orthodontists may actually steer you away from that course of action and point you towards a more cost-effective option, depending on your orthodontic needs. For example, if your teeth are only slightly misaligned, orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners might be more cost-effective and take less time than straightening your teeth with traditional metal braces. Not only that, but invisible aligner treatments can help preserve and build your sense of confidence as you move through your treatment program. In fact, almost 50% of people who used Invisalign aligners to straighten their teeth said they experienced a boost in self-confidence during their treatment. So if you feel like metal braces are your only option, make sure you speak with your orthodontist or dentist to see what your options are given your unique situation. You just might be surprised at how much you can accomplish without metal braces at all.

Following Your Orthodontist’s Instructions Is Still Important

If you, like so many other adults out there, had braces as a teen and stopped wearing your retainers, it’s likely you’re looking into orthodontic treatment as an adult. Your teeth can still move later in life, which means it’s just as important now as it was when you were a teen to follow your orthodontist’s instructions. This is especially important if you decide to move forward with invisible aligner treatment. Since these aligners can be removed freely, it can feel easy to skip a day of wearing yours for a special event. This is not the case, nor should it be. If you want the best results from your orthodontic treatment, it’s critical that you follow the instructions given by your orthodontist or dentist. Doing so can ensure that your teeth will settle the way you want them to and that they stay that way for a long time!

Seeking out orthodontic treatment as an adult is nothing to be ashamed of or nervous about. Just make sure you do your research and listen carefully to your orthodontist when you decide on this course of action.

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