5 Great Breakfast Ideas for the Paleo Diet

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Starting on the paleo diet can be super exciting — but it can also be overwhelming. 

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and that holds true even on this diet. You need to make sure that you are properly fueling your body with the correct whole foods. 

So, we’ve created a list of some fun and easy breakfast ideas to get you started!

Starting on the paleo diet can be super exciting — but it can also be overwhelming. 


Whoever decided that cereal was just for kids? As one of the quickest and easiest breakfasts out there, I think it is fair to say that cereal is a great way to start any morning, regardless of your age!

The concern here is that many kinds of cereal are not allowed in the paleo diet. This is true with those traditional cereals that are high in sugar and carbs, but there are other options out there.

If you are a big fan of cereal and have been missing out on it since you made the transition to paleo, you are in luck! Now, there are so many types of keto cereal on the market that actually fit into the paleo diet as well.

This way you have a quick, easy, and fun guilt-free breakfast!


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Eggs are an excellent way to start your day! They are high in protein and can be made in so many ways. You can really get creative, and you should mix it up regularly to make sure you aren’t getting sick of them or burnt out with a single style. Whether you prefer scrambled, poached, or sunny side up, experiment with new ways to serve them, and they’ll keep you interested for longer. 

Feel strong and powerful all day long by fuelling up with eggs in the morning!

Breakfast Bowls

Another fun way to add a little variation into your morning routine is to create a breakfast bowl.

With the paleo diet, you will become familiar with the types of food you are allowed to have, and many of them tend to complement each other nicely. 

You can stick to the proteins by adding eggs and your choice of meat, or you could try out some other, more sweet additions like a variety of fruits. 

These bowls are great because you can let your creative juices flow while still nourishing your body.


Smoothies are another great way to satisfy a sweet craving while still fueling up for the day. You can add protein powders that are paleo-approved or just stick to a selection of your favorite fruits. 

Adding in vegetables, like spinach or kale, is also a great way to make these smoothies even healthier and tremendously higher in nutrients that will work wonders for your body. 


Now, these obviously won’t be muffins made out of traditional ingredients, but there are ways to substitute the components to make these treats paleo-friendly. 

A simple internet search provides you with so many great paleo muffin ideas – you’re sure to find something to suit your taste preferences. 

By using bananas and coconut oil as your base ingredients, you  can still adhere to the paleo diet while making a sweet treat that is healthy and sure to satisfy your breakfast cravings. 

Stick to a recipe or get creative and make your own muffin creation!

The Bottom Line

Starting on the paleo diet journey is an exciting time. To make sure that you stay motivated and encouraged, try out a couple of these fun and tasty breakfast ideas to add a little excitement to your morning routine!

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