How Do I Choose the Right Rehab for My Teen?

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Last Updated on August 25, 2022


Adolescents have always faced peer pressure to engage with drug use and alcohol. But now with the greater pressures and stress young people encounter, teens are even more vulnerable to substance abuse. If you feel your teenager has a drug addiction, then this guide will help you find the best treatment options for them.

Reasons Why Adolescents May Use Drugs

Teenagers are at a unique age where they are experiencing physical changes, a stronger need for independence, and establishing their identity. Below are a few common issues adolescents go through as they way work their way to adulthood that may explain why they turn to drug use.

  • Physical and Psychological Development

From the ages of roughly 12 to 18, a person’s body and the brain are still developing. Teenagers are growing in height and weight and their critical and cognitive thinking expand to question their society and authority. This thinking often leads to experimentation, but because they haven’t fully formed their willpower, they are prone to destructive tendencies and behaviors.

  • Emotional Growth

Adolescents are looking to become more independent and stand apart from their family members. However, this emotional development and desire for independence may lead them to make unwise decisions because their emotions are not fully formed yet.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Before finding a treatment program for drug abuse or alcohol addiction, parents need to figure out if their teen’s drug use is a sign of substance use disorder or merely experimentation. Young people often try drugs or alcohol once or twice, but that doesn’t mean they have substance abuse issues. To determine if your child does have a drug addiction, look for the following signs:

  • Borrowing or stealing money
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Being secretive
  • A drop in academic performance or grades
  • Drug paraphernalia in their possession
  • Changes in their appearance

What to Look for in a Teen Drug Rehab Center

Choosing the right teen rehab in Los Angeles for your child might feel like a challenge, especially because there are so many treatment programs available. Generally, you want a supportive environment, a holistic approach, and support for family members. When looking for a clinic, keep in mind the different types of treatment programs for teens. Inpatient rehab facilities or residential treatment centers provide full-time care for your child. Your teen will live at the clinic and 24-hour medical assistance is available.

This kind of treatment option is best for an adolescent who needs to detox before beginning therapy and may need space from peers who may tempt them to use drugs. Residential treatment centers still offer time for you to be with your child and support them through family therapy sessions. Outpatient rehab centers offer treatment during the day instead of overnight stays. Young people will often participate in group therapy and can continue services for as long as they need support. This treatment option is best for teenagers who don’t have a serious drug abuse problem.

When picking a rehab center for your child, it’s recommended to tour the facility first. You want to talk to their counselors and determine whether the staff is qualified. The employees should have a strong background and experience in treating substance abuse. You can do a background check of the therapists and doctors using free people search sites. These search engines provide public records, addresses, phone numbers, arrest records, and other public records of the people you search for.

You want to make sure the people working with your teen are legitimate professionals and upstanding citizens, so looking into whether they have a criminal background is imperative. Having a teen who is dealing with addiction can be scary, but helping them find the right treatment center will help push them toward the path of full sobriety.

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